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September 20, 2007

Thursday 13 – Letter Boxes

Filed under: Thursday 13 — by my3boysandi @ 7:30 pm

I try to go for a walk for at least half an hour everyday.  For a while I have been collecting photos of different and unusual letterboxes.

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My friend Jenny also talked about letter boxes on her blog.  She has some links you might be interested in



  1. These are really neat! I never knew there were so many different kinds:)

    Comment by Michelle B — September 20, 2007 @ 8:26 pm |Reply

  2. my 13 is up on

    Comment by jennifer — September 20, 2007 @ 9:53 pm |Reply

  3. Walking is great for mind and body.Nr 10 is my favorite, but 3,9 and 13 are so imaginative!
    Thanks for sharing. And have a lovely TT!

    Comment by Irene — September 20, 2007 @ 10:20 pm |Reply

  4. Cool pictures.

    Comment by Denise — September 20, 2007 @ 10:27 pm |Reply

  5. wow! I love the variety of those mailboxes. =)

    mine’s up at Dear Me.

    have fun!

    Comment by Ivan Girl — September 20, 2007 @ 11:29 pm |Reply

  6. We have some unusual ones here too, but ours are generally larger to accommodate small packages, and we can’t specify “No Circulars”. Also, we call ours mailboxes most of the time.

    Comment by Diane J. — September 21, 2007 @ 12:16 am |Reply

  7. Great collage of pictures. Cool idea!!

    Comment by WFMom — September 21, 2007 @ 12:22 am |Reply

  8. Very neat indeed. Must make the postal carriers day. be sure to stop by and happy tt

    Comment by Jeremy — September 21, 2007 @ 1:10 am |Reply

  9. thanks Michelle, Denise, Ivan and WFMom

    its been an interesting exercise

    Its really helped me walking
    and Ive stuck wioth this time for just over 2 months 🙂
    Do you like old things and history thats what that one brings to mind for me
    I like the 1900s

    Some letter boxes here in New Zealand have a larger box part at the back for parcels
    Its always interesting learning about the differences in our countries
    thank you 🙂

    will do Jeremy and thanks

    Comment by my3boysandi — September 21, 2007 @ 6:17 am |Reply

  10. what a neat post!

    my tt is here:

    Comment by she — September 21, 2007 @ 6:54 am |Reply

  11. Great gallery, My TT is up at 13 PETA Poses

    Comment by bernie — September 21, 2007 @ 7:19 am |Reply

  12. Wow great shots of some of them and I love the stock car one is my favourite. Any Fire Engine or Police mailboxes yet?


    Comment by Muzza — September 21, 2007 @ 8:13 am |Reply

  13. Nice photos. What does your own letterbox look like?

    Comment by Nicholas — September 21, 2007 @ 4:46 pm |Reply

  14. thanks she, beanie, muzza, Nicholas

    no not yet muzza
    maybe in the 2nd edition of this
    Im kinda addicated to this interest now

    my own letterbox is falling apart
    we rent and the landlord is useless
    ive fixed it a little but its absolutely not worth looking at

    Comment by my3boysandi — September 22, 2007 @ 5:38 am |Reply

  15. finally! i can check ur blog now! those are pretty neat mailboxes! It is a lot of fun to watch the slideshow, thanks for sharing!

    Comment by jenny — September 23, 2007 @ 3:30 am |Reply

  16. thanks Jenny
    pleased u found me

    Comment by my3boysandi — September 23, 2007 @ 6:24 am |Reply

  17. I like #3 and #13 — cool mailboxes! Thanks for sharing them.

    Comment by Alice Teh — September 23, 2007 @ 4:00 pm |Reply

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