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October 27, 2007

Work Work Work – we all do it – so whats your story???

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Tina posted an interesting post which Im turning into a meme cause Im nosy interested in what everyone else did/do. I also think this another good way of learning more about each other.

this is my story please share yours here or on your own blog and let me know

I had several part time jobs while at school
woolworths too I was a packer
a paper run
at a plant nursery

I left school for rather silly reasons I had a crush on the truck driver at the plant nursery so I left school (hated it anyway and had got school cert) worked there for several years full time
although I probably made a mistake going to work there I did meet my first real friend there 🙂 (she was later murdered but thats another story)

then I went and did an office training course

worked in a import company – LONG hours

a vet wholesellers company ended up packing the orders as my typing was too slow

was made redundant as I was preggy and sick as a dog however within weeks of leaving I was over the first 3 months and ok again
rather unfair know I think of it

then I became a mommy
yep its wonderful 🙂

When My Trier was a baby his father forced me to go out to work cleaning houses – hated it – wanted to be with my babes – and I later found out he was verbally abusive to my daughter when I wasnt there

Eventually left him

homeschooled my daughter for 2.5 years

went to uni and got my bachelor in early childhood education

got preggy with My Little Man so am a fulltime SAHM again and loving it but feeling the pressure to go and get registered which takes 2 years and should really be done by 2010

so Im tagging


Janice and Susan















Rach and family NZ


















Michelle USA

Rach NZ








Flip Flop


Lisa (The Preachers Wife)


Steph (Olive)

































  1. I have been a cahier, daycare worker, I worked at an amusement park, I ran the funhouse. Being a wive is the best job of ever.

    Comment by Denise — October 27, 2007 @ 9:58 am |Reply

  2. Wow, what a lot of tags!

    My very first jobs were babysitting ones, which were my very favorite in my teen years! I was our church nursery worker for Sunday and Wednesday night services, and I babysat weekly for a family with 5 kids in our church. In junior high, I also began working in a clothing boutique on Saturdays. I even got to model their clothing at the big retailer shows where my employers always had a booth of items for sale.

    In high school, I worked at Dairy Queen…do you have those in NZ? (they’re an ice cream chain restaurant) It was at DQ that I met my future husband when he came in for lunch. So romantic, ha! After we got married I worked at a small-town pharmacy/retail type store for almost a year before coming home full-time to spend most of my time as a stay-at-home-wife and busy volunteer at our church. I spent two years providing daycare for a sweet little girl around the time my second child was born, and came to realize that I couldn’t homeschool and still do daycare. So there you have it!

    Comment by Mary — October 27, 2007 @ 10:08 am |Reply

  3. I worked in a dairy and at farmers in the menswear department at high school. and since then I’ve worked in a bar for a few weeks, and now in a cafe. Being a mum is the hardest work there is though.

    Comment by rhiannon — October 27, 2007 @ 10:43 am |Reply

  4. Here goes mine:

    My parents owned a plant nursery, so I grew up working there, but I didn’t absorb any plant knowledge. My first official job was working at a restaurant, but that didn’t last long because the management was really bad and ended up closing. I then went to work at children’s nursery, which changed hands and didn’t need me. I served my time working at the local DQ, but quickly moved on to working at the nursing home. I really didn’t want that job, but I ended up loving it and worked there the longest. A move took me to a residential boys home where I met my first husband. He was bad news and I lost my job because of him. Well I would like to blame it on him, but it was my stupidity. I was pregnant with my daughter and couldn’t get a job, so I moved in with a friend until the baby was born. Shortly after she was born I moved to a cousin’s house, a cousin I had never met before, and started working at a surgery center. I loved that job too. My high school sweetheart ran into me at my sister’s high school graduation and we started dating again. He moved me back to our home town and married me. Because my first child is deaf and a dwarf we had multiple doctor’s visits. My fiance at the time, supported me even before we got married so that I could stay home with her. I have been a stay at home mom ever since. That has been 8 years. I love it.

    Comment by Felicia — October 27, 2007 @ 10:58 am |Reply

  5. i didn’t know that you had a daughter. i’m posting my tag right now! hugs online friend!!

    Comment by she — October 27, 2007 @ 12:56 pm |Reply

  6. My first ‘job’ was working on my grandparents’ veggie farm. they grew tons of veggies to sell and I picked beans, sorted asparagus, helped take the stuff to market, etc. As a teen I did my stint at McDonalds’s, babysitting a ton, and on to waiting tables at restaurants. Through college I worked multiple jobs to pay–waitress, clown, ran the college physical therapy clinic, security in the dorms, resident assistant, front desk person at our college conference center, recreation supervisor and I know there was probably about 100 other ones–at least 3 at a time plus school!! Since college I have worked at the same place as a physical therapist working with kids with handicaps/delays/medical issues–I travel from school to school and each year I have a new caseload and new schools to work in!!

    Volunteering has been huge—ALL aspects of church–cafe, kids, teaching, leading, painting, you name it. I’ve been leader of our parent-teacher groups, and have coached soccer and hockey–and about 100 other short term opportunities!

    The best though is what I’m moving into and that now is volunteer but it is “what I want to be when I grow up” or more correctly, what God is calling me into–and that is full time ministry!

    This part of the journey is just beginning…

    Comment by rindy — October 27, 2007 @ 1:32 pm |Reply

  7. Sure, I’ll play along. I’ll let you know when it’s up, but I must admit I am notoriously slow at completing tags. Bear with me. 🙂

    Comment by Revka — October 27, 2007 @ 2:00 pm |Reply

  8. Hey thats a lot of tags!

    Comment by Kay in PA — October 27, 2007 @ 2:39 pm |Reply

  9. I’m terrible at completing memes, but I have done very little work, I’ve been married since before I graduated high school.
    I worked putting catalogs together, I was a waitress, then a mom for a long time. Worked for a bar and grill that didn’t serve hot food, just snacks, and then drive thru window for Wendy’s. Finally I did PCA for disabled men and a secretary for a fire restoration company. Now I blog!

    Comment by Qtpies7 — October 27, 2007 @ 2:59 pm |Reply

  10. Here’s a link for a free Inspirational Coin:

    Comment by she — October 27, 2007 @ 4:12 pm |Reply

  11. Mmm…I worked while getting my degree. Started off working as and admin clerk. Then did short term insurance with a big company. Went on as stock controller for Hyundai where I also became the youngest accountant. I went to work as an Accountant for a big company before opening my own Accounting practise when my eldest was born.

    Comment by supermom — October 27, 2007 @ 10:15 pm |Reply

  12. So here is my story…

    I started working when I was 12. I bailed hay and straw on a local farm.

    when I was 14-17 I used to do the chores on this dairy farm for two to three hours a night after school.

    When I was 18 I worked at a service station doing Full Service gas pumping and minor car repairs like changing tires, etc.

    After high school I went to DeVry University in Columbus, OH and got my bachelors in Electronic Engineering Technology. I met my wife in Columbus, OH. She was my neighbor at my apartments.

    After college, I think I was 21, we both moved to Colorado Springs, CO and I worked for a company called Nikon. I worked inside of an Intel factory and worked on machines which print computer chips.

    We got married when we lived on Colorado.

    I lived in Colorado for three years then transfered with Nikon down to Albuquerque, NM. I worked there for 1 year.

    We quit our jobs and moved back to Columbus, OH to be closer to family.

    I started working for a company called Cincinnati Inc. Here I traveled around the country and worked on CNC Lasers. These lasers are the ones which cut steel.

    I worked at Cincinnati for one year and got tired of the travel.

    For my next and current job I work for Yaskawa Electric America. I still travel around to fix all kinds of different machines, automation equipment, etc. Pretty much anything that has an electric motor. However, my travels are usually limited to within driving distance (4-5 hours away).

    In March I became a Dad to our son Ace.

    In September I created my blog called located at

    And today I am writing this comment meme. 🙂

    Comment by Jared — October 28, 2007 @ 4:34 am |Reply

  13. I have worked for Kroger, a Nursing Home, the Federal Government, The School Board, Law Firm, and now am still practicing law and since I got my Forensics degree last year am doing that part-time as well. I have also made money as a Web Designer, Freelance Writer, AND……photographer and model. 🙂 I could go on and on and on but I think you have enough now, lol.

    Comment by Dariana — October 28, 2007 @ 8:10 am |Reply

  14. Neat tag. I have posted my response on my blog.

    Comment by writmm — October 28, 2007 @ 9:42 am |Reply

  15. Ok, will get to it soon and let you know once completed.

    Comment by Tot's Mom — October 28, 2007 @ 2:16 pm |Reply

  16. I think you just broke a record. You tagged 69 people! It would take me two weeks just to type all those links. LOL

    Comment by Barb @ A Chelsea Morning — October 29, 2007 @ 2:55 am |Reply

  17. Eddie is blessed to have you as his wife Denise

    no we dont have Dairy Queen in NZ
    Im going to google it later and have a look

    so pleased you got off the benefit
    its nice on it really

    “I didn’t absorb any plant knowledge.”
    neither did I really
    working at the residential boys home must have been interesting
    what a sweetheart your now hubby is 🙂

    thanks she

    U were a clown???
    u were a busy student
    wow I dint know thats what you do
    it must be interesting
    one day Id like to work with little kids that face those challenges
    You also sound really busy with your volunteer work
    May God bless You

    thanks Revka

    🙂 Qtpies7 blogging is cool

    Hyundais are cool cars
    My dad and fil have one each
    Praying your business continues to thrive

    u must be a handy fellow to have around when something breaks down
    thanks my friend

    thanks Dari
    your job sounds interesting
    Id imagine gruesome at times too???

    thanks writmm and TM

    I wont ever have to do it again
    thank goodness 😉

    Comment by my3boysandi — October 29, 2007 @ 4:56 am |Reply

  18. Thanks for turning this into a meme, Jen. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments 🙂

    Comment by mummifiedx5 — October 29, 2007 @ 9:56 am |Reply

  19. Yup, was a clown at the restaurant I worked at in college. I did birthday parties!!!

    Comment by rindy — October 29, 2007 @ 12:43 pm |Reply

  20. I was a disco/mannequin model for a department store. I danced to “Turn The Beat Around” playing on a 45. I did the robot. In front of people.

    After that, disco died.

    And I danced on it’s grave.

    Comment by Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse) — October 29, 2007 @ 2:12 pm |Reply

  21. yo chick, i am the Anti Tag Wonder, yeah, i hate being told what to do lol but loved reading about you jen. hey, answer your door when the courier man knocks…. there are some *sparklies* on their way to ya with loads of love X

    Comment by kate5kiwis — October 29, 2007 @ 5:21 pm |Reply

  22. First job was a cashier…then worked one day sweeping the floors in a dressmakers!! Worked in a printing firm, managed a supermarket, worked as sales rep, a photographers assistant, legal eagle and have just been admitted into the Australian & New Zealand Criminological Society as a member :o)

    Comment by Michelle — October 29, 2007 @ 7:06 pm |Reply

  23. I was 16 for my first job, at a Chicken place. Yuck. I only worked for gas money for my beloved. Camaro. I quit when the school year started because of cheerleading. In my senior year, I worked at a clothing store in the only mall in town. In college, I worked as an English tutor for three years. When I was first married, I worked as a secretary to the President of a seminary. Then I had a bunch of babies (3). I only worked little part time jobs so that the kids didn’t have to go to day care. About 4.5 yeras ago, I started working at Oneighty. Ironically, I although I have a teaching degree for English at the high school level, I’ve never taught full time!

    Comment by Linda C — October 29, 2007 @ 11:27 pm |Reply

  24. thanks Tina it was your idea to start with 🙂
    it has been interesting hasnt it

    Rindy and Fiddle
    I take my hat off to you ladies it must have taken courage to get out there and do those jobs

    awwwwwwwww Kate Im so excited now I cant wait I know what Ill be wearing today thanks love u


    thanks Sarah

    wow u must have been good at English Linda its my favourite subject too

    Comment by my3boysandi — October 30, 2007 @ 5:17 am |Reply

  25. Jen, I just answered your tag, sweetie!

    Boy, you kept yourself busy!

    Comment by Leticia — October 30, 2007 @ 6:08 am |Reply

  26. Hi Jen! I’ve just posted my story. Thanks for tagging me. I love reading yours. Thanks for sharing too. God bless!

    Comment by Alice Teh — November 1, 2007 @ 12:53 am |Reply

  27. thanks Leti and Alice

    Comment by my3boysandi — November 1, 2007 @ 6:28 am |Reply

  28. Sorry this took so long but you know that family has to come first. 😉

    In junior high/high school, I worked in an office doing typing, copying, proof reading, data entry…

    I then went on to college. I continued working at the office until I got married to my honey. After we were married, I stopped working at just went to school. After 2 years, our precious little girl was born. I put my degree path on hold until she got older (which I later finished online). So, I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom and housewife and loving it. I’ve truly been blessed as I’ve never had to leave our home to work, and I’ve always been home with our little girl.

    Comment by devildogwife — November 2, 2007 @ 1:07 pm |Reply

  29. thanks Devildogwife 🙂

    Comment by my3boysandi — November 3, 2007 @ 4:51 am |Reply

  30. […] work, work Jen tagged me for a meme about our work history a while back and I am just now getting to it. (Sorry, […]

    Pingback by Work, work, work « Stray Thoughts — November 9, 2007 @ 2:47 am |Reply

  31. Jen, I finally got around to doing this one. Sorry it took me so long!! You’ve been a busy lady!

    Comment by Barbara H. — November 9, 2007 @ 2:48 am |Reply

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