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September 12, 2008

What Im Learning

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Those who are critical of my goals and dreams simply do not understand the higher purpose to which I have been called.  Therefore, their scorn does not affect my attitude or action.  I forgive their lack of vision, and I forge ahead.  I now know that criticism is part of the price paid for leaping  past mediocrity.

The Travellers Gift – Andy Andrews page 139

I have been reading this book.  It really spoke to me last night.  Then God brought to mind some verses too.

Mr Wonderful is very much against home schooling.  We have had some heated discussions about it.  He doesnt get home schooling at all.  He thinks I am over protecting My Home Schooler.  However, I dont think he understands the higher calling that has been bestowed upon me by God.  God has given us our children to be cared for by us, in the best way we see fit.  I beleive by home schooling My Home Schooler I am fulfilling this.  If he had gone to high school next year he would have started on a life to crime I am sure of it.  I want so much more for him than that.  We are mere guardians of Gods children.  He expects us to do a good job.  He expects us to raise and train up His and our children in the way that they should go (Proverbs 22:6).

As hard as it may be sometimes to travel along this road with the scorn that is laid upon it. I cant let it affect me.  I know or am pretty sure of the consequences that would have been lying in wait had I left My Home Schooler at school and allowed him to go to high school.  I have no alternative but to press on.  Whats more I enjoy teaching my son.  He has come such a long way since last year too.  I know this to be true as his private tutor (whom we now have a long assosiciation with) and My Home Schoolers teacher from last year both have acknowledged it.  Through assessment (looking back on what he achieved when at school) I know this too.

I must forgive Mr Wonderful for his lack of understanding.  Something I like to think of when I have to forgive someone is when Jesus was dieing on the cross he said “Forgive them Father, they dont know what they are doing” Luke 23:34.  Maybe Mr Wonderful doesnt fully understand how this affects me.  I cant let him to get to me about this.  I am answerable to God and I feel He wants to do the best for My Home Schooler.

I understand too that home schooling is NOT the “normal” way everybody educates their child(ren).  Things that are not normal can seem strange, foreign and wrong to some people.  I have leapt with both feet into home schooling though (with the knowledge in the back of my ind that if things should warrent it there are other options available).  Having done it once before I know exactly what I am doing and yet I am still learning myself as I go.  Futhermore I have been to teachers college since the first time and now, which allows me to understand more about teaching.  Mr Wonderful would say yes but you were taught to teach preschoolers.  However, I remember especially in the first year at uni/teachers college how I would get upset because I could see what Id done wrong in home schooling the first time round.  I vowed then to change my ways and not be so demanding.  One can learn without a consist hard push push pushing.  I learnt too at uni that one can take criticism and use it to good.  To shape their practise.  Through the fact that I am critised I am a reflective teacher and a reflective teacher is a good one.

I was talking to a friend this morning and was saying to her that I didnt feel convicted by God to home school this time around.  People were telling me to and had been for years though.  However, having just read this (before publishing it) I think God is either convicting me now or at least urging me to carry on.  And this I shall.  As I have said before my sons future is what lies at the heart of all this.  Thats what matter.  Its worth fighting for.



  1. I firmly believe that as much as a father wants the best only a mother really knows what feels right for where she wants her child to head in life.

    Comment by lovestitches — September 12, 2008 @ 7:49 pm |Reply

  2. I think Mr Wonderful meant well… Continue to seek God and He will lead the way. I have a church leader who homeschool all his six children. They are doing very well and you can see God’s blessing upon them. I pray the same for you too, Jen.

    Comment by Alice Teh — September 12, 2008 @ 9:21 pm |Reply

  3. Very much worth fighting for. I honestly have never been pro Home Schooling but I can say in the last month I have seen my daughter change (for the worse) in the public school system, she is being exposed to witnessing bullying of other children, apalling behaviour and attitudes from other children etc and this impacts on her. I now apologise and acknowledge my ignorance regarding home schooling and now have a better understanding of the many reasons people home school. Our children, their day to day well being and the positive inpact we as parents have on their future is paramount. Home schooling is not an option to be sneered at, people who home school need to be commended, full marks to you Jen, stick to your guns! I may need to call on you for advise in the future! Rachaelxo

    Comment by Rachael — September 12, 2008 @ 9:42 pm |Reply

  4. Having had two children go up through the public school and knowing what they went through during that time, makes me so happy to be able to homeschool now. Perhaps if you found stories of what goes on in public school these days and shared them with Mr. Wonderful that would help.

    All public schools aren’t bad, but they definitely provide different environments now than they did when we were young.

    Comment by Melissa Markham — September 13, 2008 @ 1:37 am |Reply

  5. Jen…you are the only one who is answerable to God for your actions….nothing anyone esle says or does can affect that. You do what God tells you to do….let the others have to answer to God for their actions…I say good job and good for you! I pray that this road will get easier for you. Love and Blessings…

    Have a good weekend

    Comment by Jessica — September 13, 2008 @ 3:46 am |Reply

  6. I guess I am going to be the bad guy here. I, first of all, applaud mothers who homeschool their children, that takes a lot of effort and time.

    I, on the other hand, am not a supporter of it at all. But that is just my opinion.

    You need to do what God tells you to do and hopefully Mr. Wonderful will see your point of view. If at all possible show him the improvements of your little guys progress.

    Comment by Leticia — September 13, 2008 @ 9:31 am |Reply

  7. Hi Jen, Nobody can go against what you believe the Lord is requiring you to do. Sometime however, we confuse what we think and what He is directing us to do so you must always be clear in that. This is a great forum for discussion and profitable too I think. I am a Mother of a 30 and 27yearold. I look back and see the mistakes I made and those which they tell me I made as well. Mothers do not always know what is right for their children, at 64yrs of age I know that to be a fact. I think children needs the experience of outside discipline and socialisation with others their age on a regular basis. Christian Schools such as the one in Hastings, I believe have a good balance of both. I also know that a mother is the most easily manipulated by her children and a father figure isn’t which is also good for them. Look carefully at all sides. Weigh the balance and see if in fact that is the way you should go. You can also become a demanding parent at the school and check that he is getting the education he needs. So many things to consider but as he gets older, he may need a different environment from home school one. Be open minded. I am amazed often in different areas from this how perceptive Mr W is and what he sees in others although none of us on this earthly home have all the answers so ask and it will definitely be shown but don’t disregard what the Lord may be telling you thru Mr W even.

    Comment by Jan — September 13, 2008 @ 1:02 pm |Reply

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