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January 19, 2008

Week One: Exercise Accountability Challenge

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I appreciate motivation,encouragement and support

whenever you think of me go here and cheer me on cheerleader.jpg

thanks Denise for doing this regularly already U ROCK!!!

so to this week

I mostly cycled, exercising EVERYDAY yaye for me, thanks must go to my partner My Trier, he  browbeats, pressures, motivates me to get out there with him.  I dont like him cycling too much on his own for safety’s sack.  So it works out well for both of us

I pledged to do 150 minutes a week (Im conservative I guess)

I clocked up 403 minutes this week and apart from my tailbone screaming at me Im feeling GOOD 🙂

Dont forget I need that  motivation,encouragement and support


January 11, 2008

Exercise Challenge Begins Today

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Wanna join me???? Go here

Otherwise you can always just helped me

Ive fallen off the keep fit path so many times

I apreicate motivation, encouragement and support

When???? NOW and thereafter whenever you think about it

Where? here where Ill be keeping a record of my exercise

December 22, 2007

Getting into Walking Again

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I use to keep a record on here of my walking

You may have noticed I deleted it a while ago

Reason I stopped walking 😦 😦

After doing it for so long I stopped again 😦

This morning I found something that I am hoping will get me back into it


Wanta join me??? Wanta keep fit too???

Then go here

And as Ive said before in the past I appreciate motivation and support when I do start

There will be a page dedicated to this challenge where you can cheer me on

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