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August 17, 2008

Week In Review

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Well Our Little Man did wake up at 3am and I went and sat in the boys room for a while. When I woke up this morning at about 8am who should be in the middle of our bed but you guessed it Our Little Man. I have no idea when he came in and neither does Mr Wonderful. However it was Mr Wonderful who pleaded guilty saying it was too cold to get up.

And boy was it cold

I was amazed at our grass. You can see where the early morning sun hasnt melted the froze in the shadows

When I was a girl I use to love it when Jack Frost had been. I walk through the grass to feed the guinea pigs and see where Id come from.

Home schooler was better today. We did lots of maths as well as other things 🙂

Took Our Little Man to kindy. He likes it but wont join in on the mat time yet. The teachers said not to worry.


playgroup and kindy for an hour and Our Little Man wasnt as grumpy as he was last Tuesday night thank goodness

Mr Wonderful took Our Little Man with him thus allowing My Home Schooler and I to work in quiet
The last couple of nights Our Little Man has been sleeping right through the night in his own bed 🙂 YAYE!!!
when My Home Schooler was at sea scouts I wen birthday shopping
I got him a pair of pants that unzip to make shorts – he has heaps of tshirts but so many pants
i also got him this book and from Our Little Man I got him some Das

My Home Schooler went swimming on his own this afternoon. I didnt want to go as Our Little Man has a terrible cold. Instead I got crafty

I started off making this pyramid which i thought looked a lot like an evenlope.

Then I made a letterbox for it

and I also put a little birthday card in it

Tonight while My Home Schooler was at youth group I went grocery shopping then treated myself to a MCDs hot chocolate – I do like them!!! and a hot cake pie


This morning I did My Home Schoolers paper run for him.

Then we went out to breakfast at McDs. The little gnome (between Mr Wonderful and My Home Schooler ) was one we meet this morning. He is apparently traveling around the Hawkes Bay and then is going to go on a world tour. Id like to do something like this one day. Rather like the Flat Stanley project.

A couple of weeks ago My Home Schooler stuffed his bike. He tried to ride over a kerb and the front of his bike didnt handle it. Its going to cost $150 to fix it. So with $$ from the paper run and some $$ he got for his birthday we went to the shops but didnt have quite enough. We have decided that he should get a bike with suspension so it will handle better how My Home Schooler rides it. Hes using my bike until he can afford a new bike. The advantage from getting it from the shops is a guarantee.

Had a lazy rest of the day. Read my book.


cleaned up my house today 🙂

Ive been going through Daris singsnap. I never knew she had this until very recently. I knew she loved singing and Ive been having a good time singing the songs we both love(d). This afternoon I found this

I was reduced to tears. I miss her lots.


August 10, 2008

Week In Review

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My Home Schooler started going to Annes twice a week this week. While he was there I took Our Little Man to kindy for an hour. He doesnt start till the 18th but they are very keen for him to come and visit lots before hand. He was so busy busy busy in this hour.

He also learnt how to use a vice. He didnt want to join in the music or story time nor have afternoon tea. The head teacher said hed get use to it all and join in soon.
I picked My Home Schooler up after this and took him to his run. It was his last day doing two paper runs too. His home schooling friend is home again. From now on I will call him Colin and his mum Tina. !5 minutes after leaving the kindy Our Little Man was asleep in the car. My Home Schooler reckoned if he was only there an hour and had already fallen asleep what he be like he starts going for 2.5 hours 3 times a week.
Went over to Tinas house to drop off some stuff for the paper run that Colin will take on again tomorrow afternoon. Spent a bit of time talking home schooling stuff. Im so happy they are home again. I missed them.
Mr Wonderful cooked dinner – bless him. It was already when we got home.
Got an award tonight
from Rachael
If your reading this consider yourself awarded and thanks both to Rachael and you for reading my Week In Review


Playgroup in the morning. Kindy in the afternoon and Mr Wonderful came for a while too 🙂 We had one very tired boy in the evening. Who fought going to sleep even though thats what he really needed to do. He eventually feel asleep at 8pm

An extremely sad day. I cried heaps and heaps. She was more than a person that I blogged with. She was a precious friend. I dont know if any one who doesnt blog truly understands how close we can get to our bloggy friends.
In the afternoon I went for a ride to the shops with Mr Wonderful and Our Little Man it was ok. However, I was down the whole day.
Home schooled today in my PJs. Felt slack and blue. I have the flu and a sore chest. Feel guilty about our quality of home schooling this week. I am still very sad about Dari – didnt cry today though. Mr Wonderful sent me to bed before dinner which he brought for us. Had several inhalations.

Not feeling much better. Feel better being up rather than lying down. My chest and my breathing seem better sitting up and being up rather than lying down.

Colin came over and the boys went to youth group

I went grocery shopping and I might do this on a Friday night from now on. After it I went across the road and went to McDs for a hot chocolate and chocolate cake.

Then I picked up the boys. Colin stayed the night.


Rearranged the house. Mr Wonderful and I decided it was time for Our Little Man to share a room with his brother.

Our room just for us 🙂 hopefully

We made a big thing this morning about the fact that this would be the big boys room and that big boys who are brothers sleep in the same room

A new look for the lounge/my office come new school room

This also means I can set My Home Schooler work and keep an eye better on him thats he doing it and not mucking around

Also went to the library

Also cleaned up the house as I do on a Saturday.

A busy and productive day.

Our Little man took a while to settle down in his bed in the boys bedroom tonight. Im praying it will get better.


Our Little Man woke up once in the night. i took back to bed he eventually feel asleep after 1/2 an hour. Not bad for his first night not cosleeping. His daddy who use to be opposed to cosleeping missed sleeping with him.

Mr Wonderful fixed our microwave 🙂 Clever man that he is decided it was a blown fuse 🙂

got rid of the recycles today and picked up a few things Id forgotten on Friday when I went grocery shopping

A quiet day did some lesson planning for home schooling

Tonight Our Little Man fell asleep on the couch so I put a night nappy on him and put him into his bed so a real easy night tonight so long as he doesnt wake up later

August 9, 2008

Her funeral is today

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Was going to put this to publish as Dari was having one of her two funerals today.  (Got busy 😦  Did think heaps of her though).  This one was held in the town where she lived. The other will be in Knoxville, Tennesse in a weeks time. Goodbye dear lady. It was a blessing knowing you, even though we never meet. One day we will do, till then goodbye sweet lady.

August 7, 2008


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I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again

Life is too short; live each day at a time

You never know what the next day holds

Never know what the night holds

Sometimes we take things so easily

We give up too quickly,

We carry grudges and never forgive

We hurt those we love,

We hurt those who we care about

And when they are gone, we cry

We hurt, we mourn

Never sleep hurting,

Never let the sun set angry

The time we waste hating and hurting

We should be loving and caring

That person in your life could be taken from you too soon

A flash and they are gone

Still too young, still waiting for your love

Stay at peace, love with all your heart!

Love and spread peace!!~~

borrowed from Debbie

I was thinking about this – (lifes too short and very precious and can be taken away at a moments notice)
before I heard about Dari
in the area where I live there was a murder on the weekend

I kind of knew the lady

she worked at the post office that I sometimes goes too
she was full of life one minute and gone the next
happens all too often

happened to Carina too (my first real friend when I started working)
happened 4 months ago to our beautiful lady Dari
and its not fair
all far too young

havent cried today but am blue. Also fighting a cold.

August 6, 2008

Goodbye Beautiful Lady

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click on the photo to enlarge

Although I never met her face to face she was a blogging friend.  I Loved her nevertheless.  She was beautiful both outside and in – where it counts the most.  I commend her for her strength, endurance even when she was sick.  She was gutsy.  She was brave.

I am blessed to have known her.  I will miss her greatly.  I will never forget her. Rest in Peace sweet lady.

My prayers go out to her sons, her grandchildren and the rest of her family.  She was a loving, caring and loyal mother and Gramma.

March 29, 2008

Dari has a special blog – please keep praying and supporting her

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You may show your support to her by joining her at her online Cancer Care Center. She will post blogs about her treatment and how she is doing. Please join with me to support my friend. I know she was blessed and appreciated it when you left messages here on my blog and hers earlier in the week.

Remember this Dari

You can get through this

You are a special lady loved by many

Stay strong my dear

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