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October 10, 2007

‘I AM’ Study Lesson Sixteen

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This is the final lesson.  I want to thank Lisa for hosting it.  I have gotten a lot out of it.  I have enjoyed it so much I smiled from ear to ear when I saw a new lesson had come up.  May God abundantly bless Lisa for all the work she has put into it.


What is one thing God has taught me through this study?

I am beautiful, confident and precious in God’s eyes. I am enough because He is enough. I have enough because He is my satisfaction.  He is my all.  I can do anything through Him. 


September 26, 2007

‘I AM’ Study Lesson Fifteen

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Burning Questions:

1. I think we can all agree most of us find ourselves closer to God in the struggle than without it. How does it affect you knowing that trial is what draws you more intimately in relationship to Your God?

I dont know about IN the struggle as I am emerging is when I tend to remember Hes there.

Last time this happened it made me feel more confident that Id see it though with His help support and love

2. Have you ever made a huge mistake but then found yourself in the position for a ‘do-over’? Did you make a better decision the second or third or fourth time around? 🙂

I suppose you could say that after repeatedly falling for the wrong type of men I finally found a gooden in Mr Wonderful 🙂

3. Is there a ‘generational sin’ in your family you have overcome? This can be anything from a lineage of unbelief to issues of many kinds. This may be a private matter. Share if you feel liberty or quietly thank God for His deliverance. If you have not yet been delivered, I pray with all my heart God’s Word is giving you courage to ask for help in that area.

There is a generational sin in our family and I am pleased both my sister and I have overcome it. We were brought up in an unbelieving home yet as adults we have both come to know and love the Lord. I give thanks that He knew me before I knew Him and that I am able to raise my boys with a loving knowledge of who He is.

4. Have you ever been misunderstood? Do you feel unforgiven for past mistakes even though you know God has forgiven you?

Yes I do feel unforgiven for past mistakes by some people. To them I will never be good enough. BUT and this is a BIG BUT it doesnt worry me though as I know my God loves me unconditionally and he has cast my mistakes far and wide. He doesnt even remember them.

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