My 3 boys and I

October 15, 2008


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I remembered how much I love
violets – their intensity – that
wilful way they have of being
neither purple nor blue but
violet. Loveable too that a bunch
of them can also be a posy

when my sister and I were growing up there was a violet flower bed growing just outside the front door

We would pick posies of them for visitors

they are speical to me they bring back childhood memories

and somehow to me the leaves are just as important and remember as well as the flowers themselves

maybe it was because I was a child and close to the whole plant 🙂


September 18, 2008

Year Book Yourself

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I found this neat website first on facebook and then on Amys blog

I think this is one of the better websites at doing this.  It lines up the faces real well.


the 2nd one reminds me of my sister, who was a hairdresser before she became a mother.  She looked quite like this.  Ive had a bob before, people use to say it used to suit me, I guess bobs do suit me.  The last funny makes me like a school teacher LOL

Mr Wonderful – Ive always thought he was good looking in his own way – I especially like the first two photos

My Home Schooler

In the 3rd photo he reminds me of a guy I use to work with in my first full time job.  I had a crush on him.  The last one might have looked like his father who apparently at one stage had an afro

August 23, 2008


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The other day My Home Schooler was required to draw something pink for a home schooling art blog we contribut to regularly.He nearly didnt do this one. He thought it was a girly colour to work with. He even asked if I could email Barb and ask her if she could do an alternative one for boys 🙂  We walked though the house with me trying to find unisex items that had pink on them, like the shampoo bottle that Our Little Man uses.  Finally he settled on an icecream 🙂

Funny how some kids think certain colours are meant to be used only by certain people

Its all about stereotyping and lets face it pink certainty has been used by the media to push things at girls

August 19, 2008

My Pretty Words

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If you want to make your own pretty words (it’s the most-used words on my blog… from the last month or so…) go over to the lovely kates she has her own pretty words (published on the August 18, 2008) and directions for you to make your own 🙂

August 5, 2008

My School Days

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My friend Melissa wrote about her schooling years and they inspired me to blog about mine.

Mt Wellington Kindergarten

In 1974 I started attending Kindy. It was just the road from where we lived so it was nice and handy. I LOVED kindy. Maybe this was one of the reasons I always wanted to be a kindy teacher. I remember they had an old petrol tank which we could pretend we were getting petrol for our tricycles from. I use to love riding the tricycles around and around the large, sloping in places pathway around the sandpit.

This was a great preschool and start to my educational life. The kindy is still running today. My daughter attended this kindy as Im sure other 2 generations of children did.

Right next door to the kindy was a school. Which was neat most left to attend this school.

Syliva Park School

I attended this school from age 5 to 14 years of age. It was a full primary (intermediate school was included) and somewhere along the way I was kept back a year. I liked the fact that it was a full primary as one didnt have to go anywhere else between primary school and high school.

We did however go to a near by college for technology once a week when we were in Form 1 and 2 – when I was 12 to 14 years of age. We would do sewing, cooking, woodwork (which I especially enjoyed) and metal work.

I had Miss Wolfe as my first teacher. She was old and lovely. Unfortunity she retired and was replaced by Mrs Maitland.

I remember the morning assembly when I must have been 7 or 8. When Mrs Maitland called me out of the assembly and I had to go up in front of all the other children in the junior school (the 5 to 8 year olds). She put her pointy finger-nailed finger under my chin and pushed my head far back upon which she then proceeded to growl at me for the fact that someone else was stealing my lunch. Yes someone else was stealing my lunch and I was the one getting told off!!! I had to put my lunch in her desk drawer for a while after that.

Another teacher I liked was the teacher I had in Form 1 and 2 Mrs Ford. She was an older teacher too. I found her to be very caring. At the end of Form 1 we were on a school bus going on a trip and my wish to be in her class was granted. I told the Form 2 teacher that I wouldnt be in his class. I was pleased. I had never had a male teacher and while he seemed nice enough I was pleased I wasnt in his class. He was a bit strict and would strap the naughty boys. You could hear in my classroom and that was enough for me!!!

I was caught holding hands with a boy in Mrs Ford’s class though. We were asked if we had too do that in class and made to write out lines. The boy got the ultimate payback on me though. At the social ball (when wed practise for weeks then have a dance one evening) it was the girls pick. I picked him. We had to make up a dance and he choose to dance like an Egyptian. Everyone was looking at us and we had to dance right across the dance floor like this

I was highly embarrassed and left him alone after that.

I’d love to find out where my teacher I had in standard 2? called Miss Peta Kingston(e) is? She may have been a student teacher I had her for 1 year she was tall, and had long brown hair and she liked the band Fleetwood Mac. I have always wondered where she ended up she was an awesome teacher, whom I’ve never forgotten.

I was teased unmercifully right through primary school. I enjoyed being in the classroom more than out in the play yard. I was an average student. Outside at play time and lunchtime I would hang around the trees trying to shut myself away from the cruelty. I would seek refuge in the library when it was open. I had no friends and very little self esteem. In class I was happy especially when the headmaster came to visit our class. I would sit up straight, smiling and do my lessons. He would always comment about his smiley friend – me. In the last couple of years I have come to realize that this might have been one of the reasons the children treated me so badly. I dont know why I had to be the one they picked on. I wish I had known.

Penrose High School

By the time i got to High School I was a loner. Why bother to make friends when they would sooner or later end up picking on me or leaving me out. I preferred my own company.

I remember having an argument with the dean of my school house, Mr Bettridge He was also the head of science. I was in the end of the 4th form and there was no way I was taking science in the 5th form. I didnt like it. Didnt understand and couldnt remember things like the periodic table. Nor did I care what he thought. I think it made him look good to have most of the 5th formers in our school house doing science.

5th Form was a special year at school.  People would sit there School Certificate and this helped getting a job after one left school.  I just passed in my subjects of English, Maths, Typing, Geography and Home Economics.  I wish Id taken wood work but my parents didnt think it would be of any use.  I was also about the only girl whom took it in the 3rd and 4th forms. I dont know how most of the subjects have been of any use.  Maths at high school level was like a second language.  I was a slow typer and Ive never used what I learnt in Geography.

Id always done well in English.  I always LOVED English.  So much so that the year I left school and started working I did a night class.  I got my 6th Form certificate in English.

Auckland College of Education

Fast forward many years, a marriage, a separation, 2 children, being a solo mum for  6 years and having home schooled one of them for 2 and 1/2 years.  I started going to teachers training college when I was 32.  I had always wanted to be a teacher.  I loved preschoolers.  I won a scholarship for the first years fees (which I ended up   spending kind of when I decided to go part time for the last year).

I aced (got full marks) in maths.  This surprised everybody including myself.  I never understood maths at high school.  However, I believe having a lecturer whom made maths fun and interactive was the key.  Shiree Babbington was a fabulous easy to get on with tutor.

I still felt left out amongst my class mates somewhat.  Lunchtimes would see me alone some of the time.  I didnt really bond with any of the others that closely.

I loved going out on the field.  To daycare centres and kindergartens and doing on the job training.  In the first year and 2nd year we went twice for 2 weeks at a time.  In the last year we did a month.  I learnt a lot in these practicums.

I LOVED going to university.  I felt it gave me a lot more self confidence. I believe Auckland College of Education was and is the best teachers school in New Zealand.  It has since joined the Auckland University this happen the year I left.  I did 6 months by correspondence down here in the Bay.  After 3 and 1/2 years I gained my bachelor in Early Childhood Education.  Something that people do ask me these days is if I feel I have wasted these years now I am home schooling.  I dont think I have.  I believe the time at Uni gave me a deeper understanding of children.  I always knew Id be a teacher (even from a very early age) I just never thought Id be a home schooling teacher but I enjoy it.  I also think its important that my student makes something of his life.  I dont think this would have happened had he been left at school.

May 21, 2008

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s

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I was inspired by Diane tonight

I remember putting buttercups under our chins and finding out whether we liked butter or not

I remember making mud pies underneath the swing

We had access to a holiday house and yes the creepy crawlies liked the outhouse

I LOVED our wild violet flower bed picking many a bunch over the years
Ive been thinking recently that Id like a flower bed like we had

I use to love riding my bike and often use to pretend it was a horse

We had a swing that my father made. I use to pretend I was flying through the sky on it.

I had a great imagination as a child too I was convinced for years that fairies lived in an apple tree in our backyard

We had lots of clover growing in our back yard at my childhood home

I use to LOVE day light saving where we too could go out outside again after 6pm dinner

March 26, 2008

A Bloggie Friend of Mine has . . .

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a new blog called

Short Sweet Poems

A Blog of Short Sweet Rhyming Poems for Loved Ones

she wrote one about me the other day

At one corner of the world is a Kiwi friend

Kindness and support she will always extend
2 sons plus Mr. Wonderful at her end
That is where tales of My 3 Boys and I
are penned.

Awww bless her

go and check out her new blog now 🙂


Do You Ever Get Dry Spells?

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When you cant get into your reading?

This year I cant seem to get into any of the books I am reading

This is frustrating as I am up for a couple of challenges and I also reading as a way of going to sleep at night and in the middle of the night when Our Little Man wakes me up

March 4, 2008

Its raining its pouring the old man is snoring

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This morning its raining

we havent had rain like this in months

the farmers will be pleased

as I type this theres a soft gentle mist hanging about

the traffic lights are still on

and my family are quietly sleeping

its 7am and im the only one awake

this is my time

I can hear the rain singing to me as it hits the ground

although I would never admit to being a morning person I do like this time of the morning

before the noise of the day and children begins

maybe I am a morning person????


I quietly watch as a blue 4wheel drive pulls into a neighbouring driveway

He blocks my view

but hes not there long

I enjoy once again the still view from the window

I enjoy the roses the greenery the peaceful street

being bathed in much needed rain

slowly people head off to start their day

I know all soon my day will start too and the quietness will be shattered

dont get me wrong I love my boys all 3 of them the grown one included

but basically Im a loner

made that way through childhood experiences

I have come to enjoy the company of myself

the peacefulness the quietness with only birds saying good morning

They sit upon the carport next door

I like bird watching

singing to me

talking to each other

fat plump little birds

observing the morning as I am

the light of morning slowly creeps in

getting brighter and brighter

although I know it will be a grey day today

it is after all raining and pouring and still the old man is snoring

January 27, 2008

13 Extra Challanges

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I was tagged by Jenny for this
  1. Champion a child – target: my boys 🙂
  2. Encourage a co-worker – target: Mr Wonderful 🙂
  3. Read a a great book – target: I have many great books to read check out my reading challenge lists
  4. Do something that frightens you – target: I dont believe in frightening myself.  So Im going to pass on this one
  5. Write a thank you note – target: to all those who left their comments in my blogs
  6. Do something kind for a stranger – target: leave flowers on a certain lady’s doorstep
  7. Wow a customer – target: make a thank you card to go with one of my trades on Trademe
  8. Learn something new – target:Im bout to learn something new when I start homeschooling My Trier soon
  9. Let go of a resentment – target: working on it – its an ongoing process
  10. Do better work – target: Though homeschooling I intend to focus a lot more on My Triers homework from his private tutor
  11. Be more passionate – target: to Mr Wonderful 🙂
  12. Speak truthfully – target: i always do
  13. Stand for excellence – target:  I’ll try!

For anyone who would like to give this go, feel free and let me know so I can read your answers 🙂

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