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October 27, 2008

My Home Schooler

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has started a blog

go check it out 🙂


October 9, 2008

yeah right!!!

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Nicole Kidman says her three-month-old daughter Sunday Rose is so intelligent she is already reading the encyclopaedia.

saw this on the news this morning

I like Nicole but I dont very much whether her 3 month can read LOL

I have a bachelor in Early Childhood Education and I know this just cant be true

prove me wrong if you can

and actually would you want your 3 month old to be that intelligent

let her be a baby its such a little time in ones life

to read more see here

October 7, 2008


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This morning my computer died

My own personal computer techincian thinks it is a virus that is getting through facebook.

As much as I enjoyed using facebook I am NOT going to be using it again at the moment

I have a new (2nd hand) computer thanks to my own personal computer technician

He has some useful things in his office afterall – LS will identify with me

Our mens offices look very similar

So Im still here but not there (:( facebook)

and if you have a PC I would like to issue a warning be careful of facebook

Now without further I will go back to resetting my computer settings thanks

October 2, 2008

RIP Rob Guest

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I remember being a young girl (of about 8 or 9) and watching TV where a nice looking man (he always was nice looking) was singing his heart out.  I liked him right from the start.  He sang well and was as I said before good looking.  I remember hoping that he would do well in the competition he was in.

Little did I know then that this young man would go on to be as successful as he was during his short life time.  He wooed many with his excellent performances on stage.  He was the Phantom for many many years.

This morning he died.  I will long remember this lovely talented man.

For more info about Rob

May 23, 2008

40 Hour Techno Famine

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Im going to quiet on here for the next 40 hours. From right now 8pm Friday night New Zealand time until 12 noon Sunday I am not allowed to have any use of my

all about the famine

April 30, 2008

Creature from the Deep

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A Colossal Squid is going to be thawed and then dissected.

I think its amazing that this squid so so LARGE as big as a bus. Reminds me of how big some of the dinosaurs were claimed to be. I think this would be of interest to many of you especially if you are a home schooler. Check it out here national geographic – giant squid and then keep an eye on the live webcast

March 26, 2008

A Bloggie Friend of Mine has . . .

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a new blog called

Short Sweet Poems

A Blog of Short Sweet Rhyming Poems for Loved Ones

she wrote one about me the other day

At one corner of the world is a Kiwi friend

Kindness and support she will always extend
2 sons plus Mr. Wonderful at her end
That is where tales of My 3 Boys and I
are penned.

Awww bless her

go and check out her new blog now 🙂


February 29, 2008

Got Him!!!

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back in September I told you about a little girl who was from New Zealand whose father abandoned her in Australa before going on to America.  He had killed her mother.

Well today I read that he has been arrested


He has wreaked lots of peoples lives and deserves everything coming to him

Well Done America

December 21, 2007

Earthquake update

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thanks my supportive friends for your comments last night

Although it was bad here and I hated it!!!! We are some 3 hours away from Gisbourne and apparently it was offshore (or it would have been worse arrrrrrrrr)

Today my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Gisbourne

Here is what they went through

Quake hits East Coast

6.8 earthquake hits Gisborne

Massive quake causes Gisborne chaos

Quake Hotline

So really Im ok 🙂

I dont know if I could have coped with the 1931 earthquake here in the Bay.  Last nights one was only 1 point less than the 1931 one.

November 28, 2007

Forms of Discipline



Proverbs 13:24

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.

TM wanted to know whether I do spare the rod when it comes to my disciplining my toddler.

First of all let me say there have been times when my toddler has been such a rascal I have smacked him. On the leg or hand with my hand.

I dont think this makes me a bad mum. I hardly ever do it. I am NOT abusive. I usually growl at him though or not allow him to sit on my knee which he likes. This last one works quite well. I explain that I do not like what he has done that it hurts or something. I believe children (even as young as toddlers) understand far more than some people give them credit for.

Generally I think My Little Man is a good boy.

I LOVE my boys. I care deeply about them. I however do not spoil them and let them get away with things. Spoil children are usually in my opinion not nice children to be around. Sometimes life is not fair and we dont always get everything we want.

In New Zealand it is against the law to smack your child

I am NOT in favour of this law

I DO NOT believe it will help get to the abusive parents

Smacking is very different to hitting, punching, kicking and abusing your child

I see this law as a interference in the way good parents have parented their children for years and years and generations and generations

I see it as a way of breaking up families

I believe a friend of mine is right when she says that while we are not allowed to smack our children they (the government) do not support us in parenting our children

I am aware that some people may not agree with everything I do. That is their right. This is my blog, my view and my life.

I am now suppose to tag 5 people but Im not going to. Another thing I believe is how you discipline your child is up to you. Unless of course you are abusing them. I have been out with several abusive men I am not one to now stand by and let it happen. Peace be with you and yours

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