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January 22, 2009


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yes I have a new blog

I have reason to believe someone is playing with my emails

I am therefore unable to give you my new blog addy at the mo

please know that Im ok

that I will be working on this issue tomorrow and as soon as i can I will be in touch with you all

I am blessed by all my friends and familys love and support

onwards and upwards

lots of love



January 18, 2009

My New Life My New Blog

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if you would like to start reading my new blog leave a message here and I will give you the link 🙂

January 17, 2009

The End

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Im staying at a friends houseshes very supportive

Im fine

Mr W and I have split up

I will blog when I can

unfortunately I cant get into my email contacts at the mo

email me if you wish and have my email address 🙂

I will have to change my blog name sometime

January 15, 2009

Depression Returns

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Your in mylife again

and I dont want you

you make me tired oh so tired





and overwhelming

if the mum aint happy no ones happy

good old mum

always comes down to mum

oh yeah I laugh

my friends make me smile

but when im on my own and all alone I focus on you and I cry

You dont know what Im going throu

do you care?

I dont think so

whats happened to us

January 13, 2009

Guess Who Wants To Be Just Like His Big Bro

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January 10, 2009

something to do on my Summer Holidays

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You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

My assigned letter is D from Precipitation

1.  dsc07810 DJ – Our Little Man

2.  daddy Daddy – my boys daddy

3.  dsc06866

daffodils – they speak to me of warmer Spring days and that Summer is just around the corner

4.  picnik-collage1

Daybed – If I ever get rich enough I intend to get myself one of these – Ive always loved them

5. driving


6.  wwwrandomhousecom Danielle Steele books I love almost all the books I have read of hers

7.  []

Neil Diamond still going strong and I like him LOUD

8.  peace-dove-poster-c10283464

Doves and the peace that comes from knowing God

9.  camera-front

digital photography and capturing those special moments in my life

10.  diane

Diane one of my special bloggy friends.  Although I have never met Diane she is a special lady.  We have “‘known” each other for several years now and through her I have gotten to “know” her lovely family.

January 9, 2009

Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?

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This morning I found an interesting new writers meme.

One of her writing prompts that interested me is the title to this post.

This had me going back to my very first blog.  Which took some doing.  Ive had several blogs over the last 3.5 years.  My first friend and I dont blog to each other regularly anymore.  In fact I dont think she is blogging anymore.  However, we do say hi now and then on Facebook.

I sometimes visit the 2nd friend I had.  She doesnt seem to answer my comments or visit me.  Doesnt do much for a friendship.

I  “meet” these friends though a Christian website we all were on.  Its interesting looking back to my first blog.  I was preggy with Our Little Man and finishing off my bachelor of early childhood education.

During the transition from my first blog to my 2nd one there seems to be a few months of posts missing.  To the best of my knowledge I dont think Ive ever stopped blogging though.  My 2nd blog seemed to allow me to make new friends.  Not sure why or how.  It was a bit more popular blog host.  One explaination could be that over the years I  have gone looking for more people to blog with.

The first 2 friends that Ive had since approx May 2006 are Amy and Melany.

Amy is a fellow New Zealander and we both blog and email regularly.  She has 3 children, 1 being quite close in age to My Home Schooler. I find it interesting being her friend.  Shes into retro things and she also blogs about places I know about like Auckland sometimes.  These bring back memories of when I grew up there 🙂

Melany is from South Africa. I read her blog regularly.  Her youngest is 2 months younger than Our Little Man.  Its been interesting watching him growing up.  I also enjoy reading about her older 2 boys and the achievements theyve had over the years. Melany is a keen photographer and I love looking at her photos 🙂

I am blessed to have these 2 wonderful bloggy friends and I look forward to many more years corresponding with them.  I also value all the newer (prior to May 2006) friends I have made.  I get such wonderful support, love and friendship from you all.

January 6, 2009


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Tonight I got a strange email from My Home Schooler’s granddad.  I just

had to share it with you.

Do you know this person who came to our door?


Even more alarming than that it seems they let him into their house!!!

end of email

Im sitting here wondering whats going to meet us at the airport tomorrow???


It was a Snuggle Buddy cushion similar to a bean bag

January 4, 2009

Weekly Review

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Today the boys and I went fishing. Unfortunity my memory stick ran out of space.  There was a lot of activity around the wharf – lots of boats going in and out.  We had a picnic lunch.  I had a go and got very excited when a caught several 🙂  I havent done much fishing ever

After helping My Home Schooler with his paper run.  Then we went to Dees havent seen her in ages.  Gave her our fish for her cat 🙂  Good afternoon – good day.


this year I have read 52 books – this is the most books I think I have ever read in a year.  I intend to read another book by the aurthor I have just finished today.  He is Bernard Beckett (a NZer) and I really enjoyed Home Boys 🙂

Used some of my lettuce and silverbeet today 🙂  Pretty good going for someone without a greem thumb.  Next year 2009 🙂 we are going to have a vege garden 🙂  This is just a start



picnic and fishing in the morning I forgot my camera – caught some bigger fish today – bigger than the other day

in the afternoon after Our Little Man had had a nap and we had dropped off Mr Wonderful the boys and I went to a nearby park


This morning My Home Schooler went grocery shopping.  He got stung by a wasp – once – on the neck.  I rushed into a nearby cafe and asked for ice. They gave us a sizeable chuck then because it was really painful I rushed into the supermarket and brought a cheap drink and a box of pandol (we needed more anyway).  Soon he was feeling well enough to go shopping with me.


I did his paper run today and will be for the next few days.  I get paid for it:)  I forgot my shoes and oh boy was the ground hot!!!

Took My Home Schooler to the airport hes going to the South Island to stay for his annual holiday

As we were waiting for his plance to take off Our Little Man said “Bye bye B (he often calls him that) see you later” (quite a lot to say I thought)

Had an awful headache tonight – heat, sinsus ???


woke up at 5 had breakie and did the paperrun at 6

A cooler day much easier to take

quiet day at home


woke up sad but then decided to turn to God which was good 🙂

he can fulfill all my needs 🙂

church one of the elders is in hospital with heart problems they prayed for his wife and him.   I ended up crying (i dont think I was the only one)

This afternoon took Our Little man to the best park in the Hawkes Park

and had an icecream too

He really liked the blue slide it was fast, he played on it loads of times.  We stayed most of the afternoon.

January 3, 2009

Ive Been Pondering

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UPDATED!! Opps made a big mistake – typing and brain mishap:) Fixed now LOL

When I went to school we were told that America has its winter when we have how summer.  So we have opposite seasons.

Yet recently I have heard about a friend who celebrated her first white Christmas. I thought it snowed everywhere in America in winter time.  Another American friend of ours reported droughts????

Please explain.  Was I mislead at school?  Or has the weather changed that much in 30 years?  I feel silly asking and not knowing but the only dumb question is the question you dont ask 🙂


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