My 3 boys and I

January 6, 2009


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Tonight I got a strange email from My Home Schooler’s granddad.  I just

had to share it with you.

Do you know this person who came to our door?


Even more alarming than that it seems they let him into their house!!!

end of email

Im sitting here wondering whats going to meet us at the airport tomorrow???


It was a Snuggle Buddy cushion similar to a bean bag


Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 1st for 2009

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Outside my window… its another beautiful sunny hot Bay day:)
I am hearing . . . the lawn mower roaring as Mr Wonderful mows the lawn
I am thinking…about the day ahead, how I need Mr Wonderful to look at my mouse – its not working well and how hard forgiveness is especially when you suspect things arent likely to change much
I am thankful for…Our Little Mans help on the paper run yesterday 🙂
I am wearing…my nightie LOL Im on holiday time and its only 9am LOL.  I suppose thats something else I should be thinking about – getting dressed 🙂

I am hoping…that God helps Mr Wonderful and I get back on track better

From the kitchen…left over mince from last night.  Wondering how I can jazz it up for tonight.  Im on this fast so what would have feed the 3 of us wasnt used last night.

I am reading…A Mother’s Way – Lisa Cach, Susan Grant, Julie Kenner, Lynsay Sands

I am creating.. . I am trying to create a better relationship with Mr Wonderful and Im taking this challenge to help me A Mother’s Way – Lisa Cach, Susan Grant, Julie Kenner, Lynsay Sands
Around the house… the dishes need doing, beds need making etc
One of my favorite things . .walking which Im doing daily at the mo with the paper run

A few plans for the rest of the week… my home schooler comes home tomorrow and on Thursday some friends are going to join the boys and I and feed the ducks at the park

A picture thought I am sharing with you…


my monkey yesterday at the park

January 4, 2009

Weekly Review

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Today the boys and I went fishing. Unfortunity my memory stick ran out of space.  There was a lot of activity around the wharf – lots of boats going in and out.  We had a picnic lunch.  I had a go and got very excited when a caught several 🙂  I havent done much fishing ever

After helping My Home Schooler with his paper run.  Then we went to Dees havent seen her in ages.  Gave her our fish for her cat 🙂  Good afternoon – good day.


this year I have read 52 books – this is the most books I think I have ever read in a year.  I intend to read another book by the aurthor I have just finished today.  He is Bernard Beckett (a NZer) and I really enjoyed Home Boys 🙂

Used some of my lettuce and silverbeet today 🙂  Pretty good going for someone without a greem thumb.  Next year 2009 🙂 we are going to have a vege garden 🙂  This is just a start



picnic and fishing in the morning I forgot my camera – caught some bigger fish today – bigger than the other day

in the afternoon after Our Little Man had had a nap and we had dropped off Mr Wonderful the boys and I went to a nearby park


This morning My Home Schooler went grocery shopping.  He got stung by a wasp – once – on the neck.  I rushed into a nearby cafe and asked for ice. They gave us a sizeable chuck then because it was really painful I rushed into the supermarket and brought a cheap drink and a box of pandol (we needed more anyway).  Soon he was feeling well enough to go shopping with me.


I did his paper run today and will be for the next few days.  I get paid for it:)  I forgot my shoes and oh boy was the ground hot!!!

Took My Home Schooler to the airport hes going to the South Island to stay for his annual holiday

As we were waiting for his plance to take off Our Little Man said “Bye bye B (he often calls him that) see you later” (quite a lot to say I thought)

Had an awful headache tonight – heat, sinsus ???


woke up at 5 had breakie and did the paperrun at 6

A cooler day much easier to take

quiet day at home


woke up sad but then decided to turn to God which was good 🙂

he can fulfill all my needs 🙂

church one of the elders is in hospital with heart problems they prayed for his wife and him.   I ended up crying (i dont think I was the only one)

This afternoon took Our Little man to the best park in the Hawkes Park

and had an icecream too

He really liked the blue slide it was fast, he played on it loads of times.  We stayed most of the afternoon.

January 3, 2009

Ive Been Pondering

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UPDATED!! Opps made a big mistake – typing and brain mishap:) Fixed now LOL

When I went to school we were told that America has its winter when we have how summer.  So we have opposite seasons.

Yet recently I have heard about a friend who celebrated her first white Christmas. I thought it snowed everywhere in America in winter time.  Another American friend of ours reported droughts????

Please explain.  Was I mislead at school?  Or has the weather changed that much in 30 years?  I feel silly asking and not knowing but the only dumb question is the question you dont ask 🙂


January 1, 2009

Happy New Years to all My Wonderful Bloggy Friends

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I Am The New Year

I am an unspoiled page in your book of time.

I am your next chance at the art of living. I am your opportunity to practice what you have learned about life during the last twelve months.

All that you sought and didn’t find is hidden in me, waiting for you to search it but with more determination.

All the good that you tried for and didn’t achieve is mine to grant when you have fewer conflicting desires.

All that you dreamed but didn’t dare to do, all that you hoped but did not will, all the faith that you claimed but did not have—these slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened by the touch of a strong purpose.

I am your opportunity to renew your allegiance to Him who said, “Behold, I make all things new.”

Dear Readers I pray

God’s love, peace, hope and joy to you for the year ahead


December 31, 2008

Looking back on the year that was 2008

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Ive taken the first sentence of the first Weekly Review for  each month.   Ive also taken the first photo as sometimes they can jog a memory more easily. This may or may not relate to the sentence.   Read ahead to  see what ushered in each new month for me


Started the week off with an hour and 5 minute bike ride



Had a very quiet day resting my poor head.



“Today made an effect to go on a walk.” (LOL effect I think I mean effort)



Took My Home Schooler to the chemist and got some cream.



After taking Colin home we dropped my car off in town to get some new tires.



Home schooled felt a bit lazy in the afternoon but we ended up doing some good science stuff.



still not feeling 100%.



worked on our first lapbook



Our Little Man wanted his daddy to get into his car )



Went down to the bank with My Home Schooler he lost his wallet over the weekend so we had to get him a new bank card, then we went to shops I got a stapler he got a new wallet, then we dropped off the recycles.



Last Sunday we went along Marine Parade.



My oh my I foresee this week as being BUSY!!!


December 28, 2008

Weekly Review

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monday1thumbnailthumbnail1This morning My Home Schooler and I took 3 boxes of Our Little Mans old toys down to the Salvation Army shop.

Then we went shopping My Home Schooler wanted to buy Mr Wonderful a little something else for Christmas.  We also looked at few opshops.

Then we had lunch at Heavens Bakery. A bit expensive but nice.  I remembered being a little girl and my moghter taking my sister and I out to lunch after a morning of shopping.

This  afternoon I mowed half the lawn.  Mr Wonderful mowed the other half and My Home Schooler cooked dinner – yum 🙂


This morning Mr Wonderful took the boys out shopping.  My Home Schooler is getting a play station 2 from his grandfather.  His grandfather lives in Timaru, in the South Island of New Zealand.  While they were away I wrapped Mr Wonderful and my presents up for the boys.


This morning at about 9am I had visitors.  Im on holiday time so Id only been up an hour and was still in my nightie.  I quickly donned my dressing gown.  It was the pastor and his wife.  I got $20 petrol vouchers bless them.

My Home Schooler is sick (the flu) I think so he spent the day in bed.  This afternoon I did his paper run, went to the supermarket to get groceys and stocking fillers.  Gosh the supermarket was BUSY!!!

We dont usually fill stockings up instead saying everything is from Santa but after reading Kates On the Twenty Second Day of Christmas post and Hays post (especially the part about Santa her 4th point)  I decided too.

Just little bits and pieces will be in them.  However, then I will expect them to thank us for the rest.  And as I told Kate

I thought about that stocking thing yesterday this year My Home Schooler and I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie books. They were so content with what they got and it too was basic stuff. I think I may follow in yours and their style. Also means that it wont cost me a lot to do and I really have spent enough on stuff from me for the boys


jesus-comeChristmas Day jesus-come-2

click above to read about day


A quiet day tired from yesterday.

Took My Home Schooler up the road to buy 2 PS2 games.  He got a PS2 from his grandfather 🙂  He wants to play some games with Mr Wonderful 🙂



today picked up some books I won on Trademe, had McDs for lunch, been grocery shopping, cleaned & vacumed the house.

After dinner spent some time outside reading.  If I can read one more book by the end of this year I will have read 52 books.  I dont know how many books I usually read in a year.  I think I have read more books this year since I am home schooling my eldest.  I am a slow reader always have been but I do LOVE reading.


church followed by getting rid of the recycles after lunch took the boys to the best playground in the Hawkes Bay and then for an icecream.

December 27, 2008

Secret Santa Gift

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I recieved this the other day


I have no idea who sent it to me

which is ashame as Id like to say thanks_graphics_27

December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Day

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For My Little Man Chistmas started on Christmas Eve when he went his daddy to see the Christmas Light and have his first ever ride on a bus.

He was so hyped when he got home but soon fell asleep.  The long glow stick he got from Santa helped 🙂

Unfortunately My Home Schooler and I couldnt go.  My Home Schooler spent Christmas Eve and the day before Christmas in bed with a sore throat and cold.  He was upset and worried that Christmas Day wouldnt happen for him at all.

On Christmas day I was awoken by our door being closed at 6am by My Home Schooler.  He was strict instructions not to wake us until 7 and intentionally he had suceeded in waking me 😦  We waited an hour and then woke the other 2.  It took some doing to wake Our  Little Man but My Home Schooler could wait no longer.  I must say that despite the late and very exciting evening and all the festitivies of Christmas day Our Little Man did very well on Christmas day.

We had lunch at home.  Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus when it was cake time.

The afternoon saw us go to the rest home where Mum Wonderful now lives.  It was nice seeing her but she was tired.  As way of a catch about her she has lost the ability to use her legs.  She has 24/7 care at the hospital.  She has her good days and bad days.  On bad days she cant remember anyone.

Its a nice rest home though and when the hospital board wouldnt pay to get Mum and Dads house reorder (in order that she live their and most importanly shower there) there was only 1 option and it seems to have worked out ok.

Some of the extended Wonderful family were there.  Our Little Man decided to go with his favourite aunty back to the party house.  As for My Home schooler, Mr Wonderful and I we went back to Dad Wonderfuls house.  My Home Schooler went with Poppa/Dad.  Mr Wonderful and I went via the petrol station where we had 1/2 an hour to ourselves with an icecream (2 in the case of Mr Wonderful who won another one (it was written on his icecream stick).  He was pleased he seldom wins anything. ) and drink.

After a little time at Dads we went to the party house.  One of Mr Wonderfuls sisters is a wonderful hostess.  At the party there were probably 30 people.  A wonderful time for cousins to get together and play.  Their outdoor area was set up with BBQ, tables and chairs.  We all sat in the shaded area, talked, ate (salads, cold cuts of meat, a very yummy seafood salad, BBQed steak, sausages, sliced potatoes follwed by all sorts of puddings), drank, laughed and had a merry old time.  Catching up with people we hadnt seen for a while.   Sometimes Mr Wonderful and I have hard times.  Sometimes I dont feel loved.  Sometimes I think I could walk out (if it werent for the boys).  However, if I were to do this I would miss these times.  I would miss belonging to a wonderful, caring, speical family.

December 24, 2008


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to all my readers


A Christmas Card for you my dear


click on the above heading

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