My 3 boys and I

Reading 2009 Book Reviews – children’s books

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26 Alphabet/children’s books.


B. 51wtz07ahxl_sl500_ The Berenstain Bears The Spooky Old Tree

Author – Stan and Jan Berenstain

Illustrator – Stan and Jan Berenstain

A book about 3 bears who go on an adventure.  As Iread this to my 3 year old I encouraged him to tell me what each bear held.  I explained what happened to their item as they lost it along the way and why.  At the end I asked where they were going.  My boy and I enjoyed this book.

C. abraham Abraham The Builders Cat Adventures on Arapawa Island

Author – Gideon Couper

Illustrator – Kelvin McMillan

A New Zealand book.  This book is about a builder who goes to work on the island.  When he leaves the door to his hut open he has an expected visitor.  The builder also has a cat that goes everywhere with him.

D.  10-in-the-bed Ten In The Bed

Author and Illustrator – Penny Dale

A book based on an old nursery ryhme.  However in this book the writer goes on further to observe what happens after they fall out of bed.  When I read this to my 3 year old he wanted to know why the animals were falling out of bed.  As we were in bed I rolled over and got him to too.  He thought it was funny.  We talked about why some animals made different noises as they fell out of bed.  Ella for example made a big noise because shes big and heavy.  My Little Man liked the ending and smiled.




H.chn-bookThe Very Snowy Christmas

Author – Diana Hendry

Illustrator – Jane Chapman

A delightful story made more delightful by the fact that since Our Little Man was small his daddy has talked about “Little Mouse” who comes out at night when our boy is going to sleep.

In this story little mouse discovers its snowing but he doesnt know what it is and thinks the sky is falling apart.   He rushes home to safety and along the way discovers some strange and scary things around him which are explained by big mouse later. This is also a Christmas story.


J. apeApe

Author –Martin Jenkins

llustrator – Vicky White

A non-fiction book with a bold cover that attracted my son.  Tells a little about 5 types of apes.  I didnt read the last couple of pages as I do not believe we came or related to the apes.


L. Home

Author & Illustrator – Libby Phillips Meggs

I LOVED this book.  Such a nice story.  About a lost cat and the life he leads.  One day he was adopted by a family and then the cats life changes for the better.  The much better 🙂

When I read it to my son he saw a turtle in the book.  He knows about turtles because there are 2 at preschool 🙂



P.  the-giantThe Giant Who Wanted Company

Author – Lee Priestly

Illustrated – Dennis Hockerman

I  have always liked Little Golden Books.  This one is about a giant who is lonely so he goes and visits his friends and invites them to go and visit him.  Trouble is they all decide to come at once.  Being the good host he has to look after them all which leds to lots of fun especially language wise. As he bids them farewell he asks that they come again only one at a time next time.



S.   abc-bookABC’s

Author  &  Illustrated– Richard Scarry

A book where we compared what was food and what was not.  Some of the foods Our Little Man could idenfity and knew he ate them.  He was amused by some of the things the hippo was served to eat.  He learnt about some foods like a kiss which I told him was made of chocolate.  We agreed hed like them.  A fun and educational book to share 🙂




W.  dsc08384Disney’s  Return to Never Land

Author –  Steve Williams

Illustrated – the Disney’ Storybook Artists

This book was brought out at about the same time as the movie.  Wendy is all grown up with children of her own.  Her daughter Jane doesnt believe in the story until she finds herself in Neverland.

I have always preferred the original story.





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