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December 12, 2007

Her Daddy’s Eyes Book Review

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Christian fiction

Her daddy’s eyes / Gary E. Parker.


The main character of this book comes across and is haunted by the photo of her father who has the same sort of eyes as hers. Although she is just 3 weeks out from her wedding she feels she must find her daddy. Although her search is against her husband-to-be’s wishes she feels an urgency to find him. She befriends a handsome stranger and look for her dad. She feels God is calling her to find her dad. This is her story and what happens when she finally finds her father.


November 27, 2007

Another Book Read

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Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far: Books: Amy Grant by Amy Grant

autobiography, nonfiction, 11th in the Christian challenge

Wow I could hardly put this book down

Its easy to read and interesting

Im going to add to my list because Amy is Christian and this book is all about her faith and her life

Thanks again to my special friend Denise

Now I have to sort out what Im going to read next Im too busy to get to the library and Ive packed all my unread books

November 25, 2007

Alive – Book Review

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Alive – Piers Paul Reid My 10th read in the Christian challenge

I found this book with some stuff some people were getting rid of on the side of the road they had a sign up stuff for free

I grabbed this book and some other stuff

This book was on its last legs it literally fell apart as I read it

Im pleased I read it though

I think I saw the movie years ago

I wasnt sure I could use this in the challenge but Im sure I could its a documentary type book (non-fiction) and the faith the survicors had in God really shines though this book

This is the story of how a group of young rugby players and others survived after the plane they were traveling on crashed in the Andes in 1972. They were stranded for 10 weeks in the middle of ice and snow. It tells how they depended on each other and put their faith in God under terrible conditions and lived to tell the tale. It tells of how many of their parents mounted searches and didnt give up. It tells how 2 men hiked for 10 days over rough terrian to get help for the others. It tells how they survived and although some felt guilty knew the only way to do this was to eat the dead.

This is a story that will long remain with me. Although the book is now being recycled in the recycling station. I was most touched by the fact that each night these boys would pray together. They are an example to us all. They could have given up hope on God in such conditions but they didnt. In fact I think it brought them closer to God. I feel blessed to have read this amazing story.



November 22, 2007

Bygones – Kim Vogel Sawyer

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This was my 9th book in this challenge.


This is the first book of the Sommerfield trilogy. The main character in this book is a widow who returns to the Mennonite community. She grew up here and when her great aunt leaves everything to her she has to go back and live there with her daughter for 3 months to claim the inheritance. Her teenage daughter is far from happy about this arrangement. Its hard for the main character to return as she had left many years ago because shed fallen in love with a trucker who wasnt part of the community.

I found there were similarities between then main character and my background. She leaves the community because of love. I left Auckland for the same reason. The community feel abandoned by her. I think my estranged family feel the same way. Her family dont reach out to her and she feels this is inhospitable. I too feel ill treated as my family never gave Mr Wonderful a chance to prove how wonderful he is.

In the story everyone has to reconsider their feelings and end up in resolution.

I was a bit disappointed in this book as I thought it would focus more on the Amish way of life.

October 16, 2007

Soon – Book Review

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My 8th book in this challenge cgchallenge07.jpgClick to link
Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy/Christian fiction


Its many years into the future. The way of life has changed as we know it all over the world. This story is set in America. Even the calendar is now dated differently. And worst of all Christians are being prosecuted for their faith. They are in hiding. Unusual things keep happening. Some of them are caused by the officials that are trying to keep abreast of Christians. Some of them are a work of God although the officials wont or dont want to admit it.

This story is about Paul (a man I found was very similar to Paul in the bible) he is an official until he has an accident and goes blind. Miraculously he gets his sight back and befriends a man while in hospital. Paul is seeking answers and this man talks to him. Paul finds out he is a Christian and he in turn gives his life to the Lord. He returns to his job and ends up working undercover warning the Christians what the officials plan to do to them next.

Can the officials stamp out Christianity though???

NO WAY!!! God after all is on the Christians side.

I havent read of other Jenkins books before. But I am seriously contemplating it now.

September 29, 2007

The Yada Yada Prayer Group – Book Review

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have just finished my 7th book in this challenge


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Another really good book as I had thought it would be. As its written by Neta Jackson. She and her hubby also wrote the Hero Tales Series.

When a group of women go to a Womens Conference they are put into a prayer group and their lives are radically changed because of it especially Jodi’s. When I finished reading this book I gave Mr Wonderful a HUGE hug Jodi has to undergo something we have been through and this book reminded me how much I love Mr Wonderful and how faithful God is. This book also testifies how much prayer helps too.

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