My 3 boys and I

Reading the Bible

23 November 2008

It has been my desire to read the whole for some years now

I havent done it yet

This morning I have decided to try again

I have just finished Stormie – Stormie Omartian her book really spoke to me

Today I read  2peter

2 Peter 1

verse 3 He gives us everything we need for life

verse 5 to be added to faith– goodness


self control





all these lead to effectiveness and productiveness both lead to more knowledge of God

verse 19 Pay attention

2 Peter 2

He knows how rescue me from trails

28th November 2008 UPDATED with past few days readings


2:12 When under trail and hard times or when Ive been lead astray return to Him with all my heart

start crying and mourning (repent)

2:13  (can be a private thing)

All he requires is that I return back to Him with a broken heart (realisng I need Him)

He is merciful, kind, caring, even tempered

He doesnt like to punish

2:14 he blesses us if we follow Him

2:19 He will give enough to satisfy my needs

2:20  He offers protection

3:16 He is a place of safety

He works wonders and does great things

He brings the seasons

2:23 Be thankful for the seasons

2:26 (read the word until I am satisfied then praise Him. For the wonderful things He has done)

2:27 He stands by my side

2:32 he will save me

I must faithfully worship Him

3:21 He will defend me

He will bless me heaps if I commit myself to Him


He is all powerful

He isa consist and true to His Word

He changes people

Brings out the best in us

making ordinary people something special

We can anything He wants us to be

What He says goes

The King of Kings

He is merciful

Turn to Him

Hes coming again to judge us

He will look upon those faithful mercifully


He is going to return and His people will be victorious

Dont test the Lord

He is all powerful


When the Lord comes again

1:2 He will destroy everything on earth

1:3 people, animals, birds and fish

everyone who is evil

1:6 Nothing will remain of anyone who has turned away and rejected (the Lord)

1:8  (no matter who they are)

1:10 Noisy crying will be heard

1:14 Fearsome shouts of warriors will be heard everywhere

1:15 and 16  It will be a time of anger, trouble, torment, disaster, destruction, darkness, despair, strom clouds, shadows, trumpet calls, battle cries.

2:1 If you obey then you will be safe

2:11 Everyone of every nation will bow down to (Him) right where they are

3:8 He will destroy the earth

3:12 be humble turn to Him

3:20 (He) will lead me home


1:12 Holy Lord God

mighty Rock

You are eternal

We are safe from death

2:3 You can trust what He says about the future

3:18 The Lord God saves me

3:19 The Lord gives me strength

He helps me stand on the mountains

UPDATED 9 December 2008

read all of Genesis


4th January 2009

Im reading Exodus and Psalms at the moment

this morning I am sad I feel like I am living in a loveless marraige and we are nothing but flatmates

then I read this post

Psalms 1:6 Says the Lord protects me.  He is right with me.  Fulfilling my needs, loving me and taking of me 🙂  I need to keep turning back to Him.



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