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October 2, 2007

Baby Shower

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This will be awesome

As its for Susan and Janice from 5 minutes for Mom


Theres HEAPS of Prizes to win

Go have a look-logo-jan-071.jpg

The girls have invited us to do several things


I always wanted to name one of my babies Daniel and Mr Wonderful was so chuffed at being a dad he allowed us to call our boy Daniel. Thanks Mr Wonderful 🙂

If Daniel had been a girl I was going to allow Mr Wonderful to name her Tracey


To see my baby photos you are welcome to visit my other blog

Baby Jen 11 days old
More Baby Photos

This is what I looked like 15 years ago when I was just about to have my first baby

This photo is an exclusive I have never shown to many people before


I must be getting more brave in my old age LOL

Unfortunity I cant find My Triers photo album my guess its packed away in the storage room

I did find a couple of the first photos of My Little Man

here he about a 1 month old


z17678461.jpg Isnt it amazing how fast they grow

My Little Man is almost 2 now

I found this poem this morning at Maes blog

When you see a smiling face
Their happiness all over the place
Singing, laughing, cries of glee,
Come they say, Play with me
The slide, the swing, the monkey bars.
Look at them close to see who they are.
Lots of races, Ready, Set, Go.
This is how the children grow.

If you watch them everyday
You’ll see they learn as they play
They’ll do what they see, and say what they hear.
You’re their teacher through out the years.
Their ideas and thoughts in their eyes shine.
Imagination is a glimpse of their mind
When you’re not looking, don’t you know
This is when the children grow.

Watch them as they learn to walk
Listen to them when they talk
Keep them safe, away from harm
Wrap them gently within your arms
Teach them to share and how to take turns.
Set good examples from which they will learn.
At home, at school, wherever they go
This is where the children grow.

by: Christy R. Dawson



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