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January 11, 2009

Weekly Review

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Our Little Man and I had a busy day today.  We started off going to the bank, then went to get rid of our recycles, library, park for just 1/2 an hour and lastly we did the paper run.

Our Little Man enjoyed delievering the papers – I allowed him to take a few to the people’s doors including one of our home schooling friends whom gets the paper.  She finally gave Daniel a toy tractor shes been talking about giving him.  She was going to take it to the dump.

When we got home “bob the builder” referring to his daddy set about fixing it – it was a bit broken.  He of course needed a helper



this afternoon went out to lunch at Burger King with Mr Wonderful, Our Little Man and a friend of Mr Wonderfuls whose been living in Aussie and is coming home to live again 🙂

After the paperrun I cooled off under a sprinkler Mr Wonderful brought

Had an evening to myself.  Mr Wonderful took Our Little Man to a friends house.  I went on facebook on our spare Apple computer 🙂


My Home Schooler came home today

while we were waiting Our Little Man called out his (Our home schoolers) name several times.  I asked if he was calling out to his brother and he said yes and that he wanted him back right now!!!

and I am going to do his paper run 2 more days – he wants me to – I dont mind – hes paying me for it


Even though its holiday time some of the Home Schoolers got together at the park


Tonight I sit here SORE but happy

today we went to church.  I ended up crying in church we were watching a dvd and the message was about the fact that God cares about us personally even though He is so awesome and great and we are so small compared to him.  No matter what we are going though He cares deeply.

This afternoon I dug the vege garden to be over.  My back and legs are really feeling it – glad I did it though.  Tomorrow Im going to go through it with the hoe breaking up big bits and weeding as I go.


January 8, 2009

Kung Fu

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Our Little Man got the Kung Fu Panda dvd for Christmas and hes really into it

The other night  he reckoned there was a monster in daddys office so he had daddy go and check it out
daddy did the kung fu moves too
with Our Little Man following up the rear – it turned into a very exciting game

Our Little Man also makes the noises

I was laying beside him the other night as he was falling asleep and he was wiggling in bed I asked him what he was doing – it was dark – then I guessed.  He was doing the kung fu movements with his arms LOL

He also can spot a king fu panda poster from across the shop at The Warehouse

It seems he is not the only boy into this at the mo.  I was reading my blog friends today and my bloggy friend’s son across the world is into it too

December 28, 2008

Weekly Review

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monday1thumbnailthumbnail1This morning My Home Schooler and I took 3 boxes of Our Little Mans old toys down to the Salvation Army shop.

Then we went shopping My Home Schooler wanted to buy Mr Wonderful a little something else for Christmas.  We also looked at few opshops.

Then we had lunch at Heavens Bakery. A bit expensive but nice.  I remembered being a little girl and my moghter taking my sister and I out to lunch after a morning of shopping.

This  afternoon I mowed half the lawn.  Mr Wonderful mowed the other half and My Home Schooler cooked dinner – yum 🙂


This morning Mr Wonderful took the boys out shopping.  My Home Schooler is getting a play station 2 from his grandfather.  His grandfather lives in Timaru, in the South Island of New Zealand.  While they were away I wrapped Mr Wonderful and my presents up for the boys.


This morning at about 9am I had visitors.  Im on holiday time so Id only been up an hour and was still in my nightie.  I quickly donned my dressing gown.  It was the pastor and his wife.  I got $20 petrol vouchers bless them.

My Home Schooler is sick (the flu) I think so he spent the day in bed.  This afternoon I did his paper run, went to the supermarket to get groceys and stocking fillers.  Gosh the supermarket was BUSY!!!

We dont usually fill stockings up instead saying everything is from Santa but after reading Kates On the Twenty Second Day of Christmas post and Hays post (especially the part about Santa her 4th point)  I decided too.

Just little bits and pieces will be in them.  However, then I will expect them to thank us for the rest.  And as I told Kate

I thought about that stocking thing yesterday this year My Home Schooler and I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie books. They were so content with what they got and it too was basic stuff. I think I may follow in yours and their style. Also means that it wont cost me a lot to do and I really have spent enough on stuff from me for the boys


jesus-comeChristmas Day jesus-come-2

click above to read about day


A quiet day tired from yesterday.

Took My Home Schooler up the road to buy 2 PS2 games.  He got a PS2 from his grandfather 🙂  He wants to play some games with Mr Wonderful 🙂



today picked up some books I won on Trademe, had McDs for lunch, been grocery shopping, cleaned & vacumed the house.

After dinner spent some time outside reading.  If I can read one more book by the end of this year I will have read 52 books.  I dont know how many books I usually read in a year.  I think I have read more books this year since I am home schooling my eldest.  I am a slow reader always have been but I do LOVE reading.


church followed by getting rid of the recycles after lunch took the boys to the best playground in the Hawkes Bay and then for an icecream.

December 22, 2008

Weekly Review

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This afternoon we went over to our home schooling friends house for history.  I mindedthe home schoolers while my friend went Christmas shopping.  Shes a solo mum 🙂

I also picked up some stuff for cooking for tomorrow and dropped off some Sunday School stuff to one of the sunday school teachers.


In the morning

In the afternoon at kindy

A busy party day


For my Wednesday home schooling  get together group this afternoon we went to Par 2 Minigolf – forgot my cameras memory stick 😦  then went and got an icecream

My Home Schooler then went to doing some filming with his private tutor on her learning game and Our Little Man and I did his paper run.  Our Little Man doesnt seem to like the heat we are having at the moment.  Im not sure what the temperature is today but it was 39 C yesterday


Last home schooling day for 2008 🙂 Its gone by fast 🙂  Im pleased with what we have achieved this year.

After school I went and finished my Christmas shopping 🙂

My how hard it was buying something for My Home Schooler so pleased its all done 🙂


cleaned up my house today and  delegated the vacumming to the boys – Mr Wonderful and My Home Schooler

got rid of the recycling at the recycling centre

sorted out Our Little Mans toys – from baby toys to toddler toys

Next week I will take them to the Salvation Army shop


Sunday School dress rehearsal and then our breakup at Splash Planet


This morning at church we were busy.  The boys were in the play.  There was a part of the service that included the play group and as I led the music on Tuesdays I lead them again this morning in front of the church.  Not all the children that go to playgroup came so we invited some of the younger church children to join in.  The parents were up there to as they are when we do our music at playgroup.  The church seemed to enjoy watching us and as it was pointed out to me it is a special calling I have to lead the playgroup music time.  I hadnt looked at it like that before.

I liked the Christmas tree too.  This is usual  for me as I usually find them tackie.  If I had my way (usually) I would just have a small tree that would sit on the dining room table.  This tree though I thought was lovely.

During the play I sat up the front of the church and was there to promt any children that may need it.  I didnt have to do too much and was proud of them all 🙂

I have to make mention of children like My Home Schooler and those younger that had several lines and did well remmebering them.

Afterwards we had a special morning tea.  Time went really fast this morning.  We got there early.  However, before I knew it, it was all over 🙂

Tonight the boys and I went back to church to watch a dvd.  It was BRILLANT!!!

December 5, 2008

love thursday: first time ever

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Last week when we were doing the sailing thing


My Home Schooler found and gave me this 🙂 that he found on the shore


bless him

to see more Love Thursdays go here

December 1, 2008

Weekly Review

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My oh my I foresee this week as being BUSY!!!

First thing this morning we went to the bank.  Mr Wonderful and I had to put a cheque into my bank account and it had both of our names on it.  It was from the power company, in New Zealand each household has shares in the power company and will pay go straight back to pay a bill thats been mounting up

After that we came home and home schooled then at 11am I flew around the house while My Home Schooler did maths and got the gear he needed together for for the  Optism Yatching hes starting today.

dropped My Home Schooler off at the yatching and then Our Little Man at kindy/preschool

a couple of hours later picked them both up

after My Home Schoolers paper run took him to drama and after dinner baked a cake with My Home Schooler for play group tomorrow


play group

dropped Our Little Man home and then took My Home Schooler yatching.  Today I stayed and boy was it windy!!!  The children rowed the boats instead of yatching.  It was still fun though.

He also had an appointment with Anne too


In the afternoon at  yatching I was able to help.  At the end I was able to help wash several yatchs down.  Im a person who likes to be helpful.  If I dont know what Im doing I tend to hang back though.  One of the mothers organised us into chores today and that was great.  Much better than yesterday when I didnt know how to clean up.  Today I got in there and helped and worked hard 🙂

Also helped My Home Schooler with his paper run this afternoon.


yatching this afternoon and I took charge and washed 5 yatchsand then helped My Home Schooler with paper run again

it was raining!!!

Tonight Mr Wonderful and Our Little Man went over to Dad Wonderfuls tomorrow they are heading over to one of Mr Wonderfuls to spend the weekend.  She lives 5 hours away.   There has been word that Mum Wonderful may be coming home soon and will need Dad to nurse her.  So the family has decided that Dad needs a holiday before that happens – hence the trip.


last day yatching

to see more photos come over here

we only had one teacher with us today.  So she called upon us parents to help her.  First of all I walked around the shore to the far bank as a couple of girls had come ashore and got stuck.  Just as I got there one of the boys had pulled up in his yatch and helped them.  I was impressed that he did that.

I also helped several children when their boys took on water.

I was lastly put in charge of washing the boats at the end.  It felt good being such a help.  Although I did ask My Home Schooler later if Id been too bossy and he didnt seem to think so.  However he did take great delight in tipping a bucket of water over my head at one stage 🙂  Hes been trying since Wednesday to get me back as I got him on Tuesday with a quarter of the water he got me with today LOL


A quiet day

My Home Schooler and I rented 2 dvds and I brought dinner (Cantoon Noodle) and he brought us desert (McDs a yoghurt berry crunch each – I LOVE the berries on the bottom)

After we warched the dvds we went back and had a good old sing song and dance



click on the picture above 🙂 go on click on me click on me

enjoying the movie singing and dancing in my chair


Today My Home  Schooler is helping Anne at the Christmas Expo where she is going to try to sell some of her learning games.  My Home Schooler will be showing people how to play her games.

I went to church followed by a church lunch.  I was running late as I decided I should cook something for it.


Then I went to the Musuem and Art Gallery (I found out that as a home schooling mother I can get in free anytime I want 🙂 and watched a video about this exhibitionand looked around very interesting.  I want to teach My Home Schooler about this.  Also looked at this exhibition –  Like: An Experiment In Interpretation.  I dont know if everyone would appricate it but I read what it was about and read the peom and compared the different art works to see how close they were to how I would interprete it and then read about those artists.

Then I went and had an icecream and went to the library 🙂

A nice day to myself 🙂

November 16, 2008

weekly review

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MY HS and I made these fruity buns for play group tomorrow

and the used the lemon jam I made and yaye the clever loving caring Katie knew how to thicken it which I did

thanks sweetheart U ROCK



Its been a quiet but busy home schooling week here

been studying some more about Ancient Eygpt


I got a note from Anne (My Home Schoolers private tutor) saying My Home Schooler needed to know more about world history I spent quite a few hours poured over the internet wondering how I was going to achieve this.  There is so much history that we could learn.  Where was I to start???

A home schooling friend lent me her wall chart of history and upon becoming absorbed in this I began to realise that we have studied some history this year – The Aztecs, Ancient Egpyt, America, Stonehenge, New Zealand – its a start and as my home schooling friend reminded me we teach what interests our boys.

On Friday night I did some more lesson planning in a couple of weeks My Home Schooler is going to be part of a course in Optism Yatching and there is a premeet next Friday afternoon by which time they need to know the parts of a yatch and know how to tie some knots.


After finishing my housework for the week – Ive began spreading out over the days of the week more – I took the boys to the library.  I enjoy driving home after the library visits my boys always have their heads absorbed in their new finds.  I also got a couple of world history books.  I am hoping they will wet My Home Schoolers appitate some and start us with a list of people places and times we would like to learn more about now and next year.

Then we went to Mitre 10 where My Home Schooler brought some screws he needed for his bike.  While he was doing that Our Little Man enjoyed himself on the indoor playground they have in their store.  Wished Id taken my camera he did have a fun time.  Then we went to Paper Plus where My Home Schooler brought some more Zac Power books – he loves them.  He has decided he is going to start collecting them 🙂

While he did this Our Little Man and I walked down to the supermarket and brought some conditioner Id forgotten to buy On Thursday night – my grocery shopping night.

When we got home we enjoyed a shared reading time together.  I read the 4 books Our Little Man had chosen (with help) and 4 chapters of Zac Power to My Home Schooler.  It was a nice time for us all.


church where they talked about the maginficance of God

the preacher showed some photos of what makes him excited about Gods maginiciance – outer space how vast it is and grand and theres so much we are only just beginning to realise

It reminded me of the beautiful sunsets that I LOVE so much

to me God is the greatest artist ever


this afternoon I cleaned the inside of my car

tonight I got the music and lyrics ready for play group on Tuesday we are starting our Christmas theme for the rest of the term.  My dear Mr Wonderful helped me bless him

November 12, 2008

Peanut Butter Fixes Everything

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I have always LOVE Little Golden Books

This afternoon I was reading to Our Little Man




We had got to the page where Dan had run into his mother and I asked My Little Man what would she do to make it all better?  What would she give him?

My Little Man answered “peanut butter”

I was surprised but he reassured me that what the cowboy needed was Peanut butter


November 10, 2008

week in review

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yes I know the video stopped short dont know why but I have put the end up at the end of the post




Canteen Noodle where we got dinner on Saturday night from highly recommended

On sunday we went to see a parade of motorbikes or “bookers bookers” as Our Little Man calls them.  They drove from Hastings to Napier and through some small towns of the Hawkes Bay on the way.  They are delievering thousands of $$ and thousands of toys to Birthright in Napier.


This afternoon I made jam for the first time ever.  mr Wonderful bless him keeps bringing bags of lemons home and I knew  I had to do somthing with them.  I found this easy jam recipe and decided to have a go

its nice but runny – any ideas about how to thicken it easily for next time


Happy Birthday Misty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 2, 2008

Week In Review

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