My 3 boys and I

November 28, 2007

Forms of Discipline



Proverbs 13:24

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.

TM wanted to know whether I do spare the rod when it comes to my disciplining my toddler.

First of all let me say there have been times when my toddler has been such a rascal I have smacked him. On the leg or hand with my hand.

I dont think this makes me a bad mum. I hardly ever do it. I am NOT abusive. I usually growl at him though or not allow him to sit on my knee which he likes. This last one works quite well. I explain that I do not like what he has done that it hurts or something. I believe children (even as young as toddlers) understand far more than some people give them credit for.

Generally I think My Little Man is a good boy.

I LOVE my boys. I care deeply about them. I however do not spoil them and let them get away with things. Spoil children are usually in my opinion not nice children to be around. Sometimes life is not fair and we dont always get everything we want.

In New Zealand it is against the law to smack your child

I am NOT in favour of this law

I DO NOT believe it will help get to the abusive parents

Smacking is very different to hitting, punching, kicking and abusing your child

I see this law as a interference in the way good parents have parented their children for years and years and generations and generations

I see it as a way of breaking up families

I believe a friend of mine is right when she says that while we are not allowed to smack our children they (the government) do not support us in parenting our children

I am aware that some people may not agree with everything I do. That is their right. This is my blog, my view and my life.

I am now suppose to tag 5 people but Im not going to. Another thing I believe is how you discipline your child is up to you. Unless of course you are abusing them. I have been out with several abusive men I am not one to now stand by and let it happen. Peace be with you and yours


October 19, 2007

What Im Learning about Parenting

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I believe parenting is an on the job learning experience and that each day brings new things to learn

I would like to share 2 things I have learnt

Maybe you have learnt things that have made a difference in your parenting occupation please share them with me

Talk to the Hand

I use to get into great arguments with my daughter. When this started happening earlier in the year with My Trier his teacher shared this great idea with me.

DONT get into your arguments

DO say 201.jpg

“Talk to the Hand”

and ignore any other discussion or back chatting

Later talk when both have had a chance to cool down

I so wish Id known this earlier

would have saved a lot of arguments between my daughter and I


The other day my wonderful next door neighbour lent me a great book

The Incredible Years by Carolyn Webster-Stratton

On page 272

speechmarks1.jpg Avoid trying . . . force them to confess because most people, even adults, will lie when asked to incriminate themselvesspeechmarks2.jpg

DONT ask why or any other questions

Do invite them to problem solve how to fix the problem


This avoids getting into arguments and teaches the child problem solving skills

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