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September 29, 2007

Encylopedia of Me Z is for . . .

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Z in the Deafblind Manual Alphabet

I learnt the whole of the Deafblind Manual Alphabet when I was at school. I have never forgotten it.

Here is the rest of the alphabet

I have used it once or twice when Mr Wonderful and I have been at the hot pools. He couldnt wear his hearing aids in the water. I dont know any other sign language but we were able to communicate in this way.


September 27, 2007

Encylopedia of Me Y is for . . .

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Year 1970


I LOVE Yogurt

Youth Group

I help with the church youth group

September 26, 2007

Encylopedia of Me X is for . . .

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The last time I had an xray was after I hurt myself falling down the front stairs of my house back in June

I have looked everywhere for the xray to show you and cant remember where I put it

Do you ever put something safety away thinking Ill use that very soon

When I was reorganizing my bedroom the other day I found it but do you think I can find it now when I want it NO

Do you know that foot although appeared to be alright at the time still niggles. I wonder if I have arthritis in it.

September 25, 2007

Encylopedia of Me W is for . . .

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I like white wine. Red is too vinegary for me and use to give me a headache straight away.

September 24, 2007

Encylopedia of Me V is for . . .

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Vintage Cars

Ive always liked Vintage cars


As a child I had to eat my veges so I decided I might as well to learn to like them. I was going to have to eat them anyway.

September 23, 2007

Encylopedia of Me U is for . . .

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Maybe this is too much info for some of you but I prefer to wear full briefs.

and I couldnt think of anything else to go with U LOL

September 22, 2007

Encylopedia of Me T is for . . .

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I always wanted to be a teacher. When I was a girl I use to come home from school and line all my dolls and teddies up in a row and teach them. I thought my dream of teaching was gone when I left school. I left school when I was 16 and a half I was sick of it. I wanted to work full-time at a a plant nursery where I had worked for several years part time. Foolishly I wanted to do this because I had a crush on a guy whom worked there.

Later I was to realize that my dreams werent gone and that in fact God had prompted me over the years to collect childrens teaching resources. I used these when I home schooled my daughter for 2.5 years and still have them for when I do teach.

I also believe God had His hand on me when I applied for and attended uni. I was prompted to apply though a dear friend I had at the time. She believed in me. I also won a scholarship which paid for some of the student fees. He also was there when I was at uni and I use to pray to Him as I handed my assignments in. I did well at uni. Thank you Lord.

When I was about 10 I had my most favorite teacher at school. She was a student teacher and only did one year at my school. She had beautiful long brown curly hair and a great smile. I think she encouraged me. She was friendly. She liked Fleetwood Mac and gave me some posters of them when she left. They had been in her storage cupboard in our classroom.

I dont know what ever happened to her 😦 Her name was Ms Peta Kingstone

Id love to meet her one day.


When I was 17 I travelled around the South Island of New Zealand with the youth division of St Johns Ambulance Cadets I belonged to. The tour was 2 weeks long. It was great.

As a girl my family and I went most places in the North Island for holidays.

However I have never traveled overseas.

Maybe one day when Im rich and famous I will come and visit you in America.


When I was a girl I had my tonsils out. This was after several years of being very sickly. I remember one photo of me that was taken in that time. We were at a family reunion and I was sort of sit to the side of everyone else and gazing into space. I was kinda in a dream world of my own. We had an old doctor who didnt want to do the op.

Finally a new young doctor with a family of his own moved into the neighbourhood. He was from Thailand and within months of first seeing him I was in hospital getting the op done.

I remember 3 things from that time in hospital and just before hand.

My parents gave me a book all about what was going to happen. However I think it too literately. Things didnt turn out exactly as they had in my beloved book.

The morning after the op the hospital gave me cornflakes for breakfast. I couldnt eat them. When my parents came I ran away and hid. I think I was going to have to eat those hard cornflakes. I might have felt betrayed while the little girl in the book had got icecream and jelly all I had was cornflakes. I dont remember why I hid but my parents found me. They were shocked that I was expected to eat cornflakes and took me home where I got my icecream and jelly 🙂

September 21, 2007

Encylopedia of Me S is for . . .

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I have never been sporty. At primary school I use to stand FAR out field if we were playing cricket. So I wouldnt have to do much. Sports mostly netball robbed me of self confidence we had to play it. I hated it – the children watching would yell at me. Generally I dont even watch it on TV. Ive watched it a little bit of the Olympics but really it just doesnt interest me.


I dont know if its pleasant for the people around me but I like singing.

Ive always daydream about singing on stage but never would. Too shy.

I like to watch my play list on UTube, get the lyrics and sing along. I have known to do this for hours on end. The last time I did this it was in the afternoon and Mr Wonderful was looking after the boys here at home.


I LOVE seafood. Except as I have already told you Fish must be extremely well prepared.


Im a Summer girl. I get excited in Spring knowing Summer is just around the corner. I much prefer to be hot than cold.




I have a WONDERFULLY supportive caring loving sister. unfortunely we dont see enough of her. We live many hours apart now. She is the mother of 7 delightful children and she home schools the older ones. Although she is younger than me by 22 months she is wise beyond her years. She is one of my best friends. As well as being my earthy sister she is also my sister in Christ. When I first found the Lord I remember ringing her and her then boyfriend (now devoted hubby) and asking “What do i do now???” When we were all still living in Auckland I use to go to church with them and afterwards wed go back to my BILs house for lunch. Those were precious days. LOVE U very very much N 🙂


Also known as escargos

I was once tricked into eating these. I was having a potluck dinner at my house and a chief prepared a dish but wouldnt tell us what was in it. I was enjoying it. However, as I was eating the last mouthful and everyone else had finished he told us what was in his dish!!!

I am glad I dont live in France.


September 20, 2007

Encylopedia of Me R is for . . .

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I LOVE reading



This is my favorite colour


September 19, 2007

Encylopedia of Me Q is for . . .

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Thats how I am in real life.

Im an Introvert.

Im shy


When I did this test I got these results

You Are 30% Extrovert, 70% Introvert

You are quite reserved
You aren’t afraid of social situations…
But you very much prefer to go it alone
And why not? You’re your own best friend!



I can tell you before going to Uni in 2002 I was a LOT worse.

Uni brought me out of my shell A LOT!!!

This was a real positive for me.



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