My 3 boys and I

December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Day

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For My Little Man Chistmas started on Christmas Eve when he went his daddy to see the Christmas Light and have his first ever ride on a bus.

He was so hyped when he got home but soon fell asleep.  The long glow stick he got from Santa helped 🙂

Unfortunately My Home Schooler and I couldnt go.  My Home Schooler spent Christmas Eve and the day before Christmas in bed with a sore throat and cold.  He was upset and worried that Christmas Day wouldnt happen for him at all.

On Christmas day I was awoken by our door being closed at 6am by My Home Schooler.  He was strict instructions not to wake us until 7 and intentionally he had suceeded in waking me 😦  We waited an hour and then woke the other 2.  It took some doing to wake Our  Little Man but My Home Schooler could wait no longer.  I must say that despite the late and very exciting evening and all the festitivies of Christmas day Our Little Man did very well on Christmas day.

We had lunch at home.  Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus when it was cake time.

The afternoon saw us go to the rest home where Mum Wonderful now lives.  It was nice seeing her but she was tired.  As way of a catch about her she has lost the ability to use her legs.  She has 24/7 care at the hospital.  She has her good days and bad days.  On bad days she cant remember anyone.

Its a nice rest home though and when the hospital board wouldnt pay to get Mum and Dads house reorder (in order that she live their and most importanly shower there) there was only 1 option and it seems to have worked out ok.

Some of the extended Wonderful family were there.  Our Little Man decided to go with his favourite aunty back to the party house.  As for My Home schooler, Mr Wonderful and I we went back to Dad Wonderfuls house.  My Home Schooler went with Poppa/Dad.  Mr Wonderful and I went via the petrol station where we had 1/2 an hour to ourselves with an icecream (2 in the case of Mr Wonderful who won another one (it was written on his icecream stick).  He was pleased he seldom wins anything. ) and drink.

After a little time at Dads we went to the party house.  One of Mr Wonderfuls sisters is a wonderful hostess.  At the party there were probably 30 people.  A wonderful time for cousins to get together and play.  Their outdoor area was set up with BBQ, tables and chairs.  We all sat in the shaded area, talked, ate (salads, cold cuts of meat, a very yummy seafood salad, BBQed steak, sausages, sliced potatoes follwed by all sorts of puddings), drank, laughed and had a merry old time.  Catching up with people we hadnt seen for a while.   Sometimes Mr Wonderful and I have hard times.  Sometimes I dont feel loved.  Sometimes I think I could walk out (if it werent for the boys).  However, if I were to do this I would miss these times.  I would miss belonging to a wonderful, caring, speical family.



  1. Sounds like a nice way to spend Christmas!
    Merry Christmas!

    and the same to you 🙂

    Comment by Jen — December 26, 2008 @ 2:17 pm |Reply

  2. hey Jen, if I lived nearer I’d be visiting you alot lol.

    the feeling is mutual dear Amy 🙂

    Looks and sounds like you all had a lovely day. we were up early too,I think I was actually the first up before the kids, I can’t sleep in. Your last comment you made, I know what you mean. Maybe his way of expressing love is different to yours. I read a book recently about love languages – mine is words and my dh’s is touching.

    might try to figure out mine and Mr Wonderfuls 🙂

    Comment by Amy — December 26, 2008 @ 2:25 pm |Reply

  3. Sounds like a lovely day overall.

    it was 🙂

    Comment by Barbara H. — December 26, 2008 @ 2:30 pm |Reply

  4. Hi Jen, I think your partner has had a pretty horrific year with worry of his parents and seeing his Mum not able to even recognise him at times, work isn’t all that easy either and not everyone understands his at our place of work. Patience, tolerance and being there for him would make it easier and then you would see him less stressed and less difficult. We must always look to ourselves first and I have certainly had to do that, with my husband, son and daughter and see where they are coming from and what they have going on in their lives to make them difficult and introverted. I still don’t get it right but keep doing things together and spending time together, plan outings like picnics together, I think you will be surprised how well this works. I hope that 2009 is a good you for you and for your family with much happiness to all. Remember too, Jesus Christ, Gods only son, was despised and rejected too but His love was perfect and His sacrifice all sufficient for our needs. If you feel down, take it to him in prayer, email me and I will be remembering at the Throne of Grace too, Love and blessings Jan

    thanks Jan

    Comment by Jan — December 26, 2008 @ 2:39 pm |Reply

  5. Love that slideshow, Jen! I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas. God bless! 😀

    thanks Alice 🙂

    Comment by Alice Teh — December 26, 2008 @ 10:38 pm |Reply

  6. Merry Christmas, Jen! So glad your homeschooler was feeling better by Christmas morning! ;O) Sounds like a great day filled to the brim and overflowing with good family times. I love to read about Christmases in other cultures, for instance, have Christmas dinner outside with BBQ in summer weather is mind boggling for me…we’ve had single digits and snow on the ground most of the week. Today it is all melted into mud, and we’re having the “day after droopies”…

    God bless you and yours. I think the longer you are with your mate, the more you understand what makes them tick. That and a lot of appreciating the little things. My gift to dh this year was to tell him that I didn’t want any gifts and he wasn’t to feel guilty AT ALL about it. In years past, I did feel tremendously overlooked if he didn’t get me anything, but he’s just not one to think ahead and plan things out. So it gets to be last minute, and we’re out of money and he’s out of shopping time, etc. I’m so grateful that the contentment is there for me this year, when it hasn’t been in years past. God is SO good to fill the holes that others unintentionally put there. I think this year, Christmas was the best yet. And mostly because He was my focus more than anything else. Anyway, thanks for letting me share that with you, and thanks for the beautiful card and Merry Christmas greetings!


    My Home Schooler isnt entirely better yet
    thanks Mary 🙂

    Comment by Mary — December 27, 2008 @ 6:14 am |Reply

  7. Hi Jen, loved seeing the photos of your boys on Christmas morning. Really glad you had a wonderful time with extended family. Relationships are the hardest thing in the world! Rachaelxo

    Comment by Rachael — December 27, 2008 @ 10:34 am |Reply

  8. Glad you and your boys had a lovely Christmas Jen 🙂

    Comment by Hay — December 27, 2008 @ 12:37 pm |Reply

  9. I hope your homeschooler is better and that no one else becomes sick. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    Comment by Melissa Markham — December 31, 2008 @ 3:56 pm |Reply

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